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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The main problem with this information is the misrepresentation of labels. I don't necessarily believe or disbelieve in "soul" traps but I do see what could be another twisted corruption to trick people.

What is being called "soul" here is what I would call the energy body. What I would call "soul" is what others call "spirit". Anyway, that's not really the point.

When the spirit takes on a physical body, the interaction creates the energy body (what is called soul here). This energy body is no more YOU than the physical body. There is no technology that can entrap YOU. It may be able to entrap the energy body (soul) that is created by your interaction in the physical/energy realms. I don't know if it can or not. But it doesn't matter. You are beyond this physical realm and the realm above this.

The idea of "connecting with your soul" may be bad advice because then your awareness/spirit will believe itself to be this soul (energy body) as many people believe themselves to be a physical human. If an AI wants your soul (energy body) so be it. That energy is not YOU. You are beyond the aliens, the AI and all their traps. The only thing they can do against you is to get you to believe their lies.

Their only true weapon is lies. They want to keep your spirit/awareness trapped because that's what creates the energy they feed on. Of course, this soul trap thing may just be another lie to produce fear energy. Who knows. But if you truly know yourself there's nothing in all of creation that can trap you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288478

This I agree with. But then connecting with yourself, ie Infinite Self/Higher Self, and also, the Higher Ups, the true Goodness/Love, the Good Family, your Family is also important.

Is not that your True Self, you, the one who has the window open and remembers the past, remembers the other souls here that you came in with, as if you all parachuted down in different decades.

I've quite a few memories, also experienced, myself as the sliver of consciousness in the tests, and the greater/expanded me, also with me, who has far more memories.

We're infinite beings and this is but one clip in the journey.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

I agree with some of your posts but this notion of higher self makes me cautious why?

Because we already have it within us the notion of an "higher self" is akin to externalisation of something that you already have within so in other words we are projecting or rather asking help from an external being...

So when we pass over it can be used against us with those "beings" we encounter at the other side claiming to be our "higher self" and above all are perfectly capable of sending the soul "blissful love" which is a fraud, as numerous witnesses through meditation and OBE, NDE, abductions can detest that.

It is also worth noting that the astral plane is home to many different kinds of beings whether they are "good" or "bad" all in the SAME PLACE this should tell you something...

Might i suggest visiting this link?:

[link to brontebaxter.wordpress.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1344892

Very interesting link and found amazing this quote.
"Catching More Flies with Honey: How ‘Love’ and ‘Oneness’ Teachings Are Used to Disempower"

It verifies what i have realized through my personal research that anything that can help you can also act as a bait to destroy you, a quick example: you can use light to see at night but you can also use it to blind people etc.

One more thing i wanna add to the above article is to where it says we should listen to our heart with no judgement i disagree to that and it also reminds me lunar songs listen to your heart cause it tells you the truth etc. our emotions just like our thoughts can get infiltrated implanted without our awareness and make us think they're ours.
The lunar agents and their puppets on earth are waging war on us on all levels mental,emotional,physical so we need to be careful in all of them.

A good example about implanted thoughts and ideas was shown in the movie inception where the good guys(see bad guys) were infiltrating your brain through your dream 3 levels deep take the appearance of someone you knew and loved and implant or remove thoughts,ideas etc program you to believe it's yours when wake up and do whatever they want you to do.
Which reminded me immediately ghrees who advised us as soon we wake up to try and remember our dreams and eliminate them through our conscious mind or they will act as orders of hypnotism that we will follow unconsciously throughout the day.
And let me tell you every time i wake up and remember my dreams holy damn man the things i catch these lunar agents would hope i wouldn't remember consciously is amazing. One time in my dream showed up a guy i knew from my old work place talking to me nice and friendly and i told him/he extracted from me everything i knew about the moon the soul traps our planet literally i told that guy everything! When i woke up and immediately remembered my dream i was like holy damn that was some shit straight from the movie inception, but i laughed at their stupidity cause i don't keep any secrets, in fact the same day at night i looked at the moon while flipping the bird to it like keanu reeves flipped the bird to satan in the movie Constatine and i told/spoke loud everything i had said to the lunar agent in my dream, finishing with the words
"now that you know you've lost your invisibility that you've been exposed to the point even the dogs, cats, goats etc will start looking up at you at night and say f*ck you in their language, i would pack my shit and make a run for it if i was you, there's an old saying (who wants all loses and the few he already has) and you'll be the one that will understand this better than every other soul in the whole universe.
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