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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Short form, emphasis, because its important. I don't have past life memories on earth but have numerous glimpses off and the only part connected to earth that is memory is connected with helping nature.

Now the direct memories that have come are all relating to planetary disasters, not the kind the planet recovered from, or at least in the case of Mars, quickly. In other words, not just another cycle. But like the Mayans wrote this is possibly the last one. In other words, is the teleos moment, the eschalon that Terrence MKenna spoke of, the upgrade, the progression, final exam????? Though in infinity winterlands are not forever. But you know its time for people to get it together.

Ie, some people, still in tests, there are many levels of tests, sail in for disasters. That really gave a huge hair standing on end moment and a big yikes in my memories.

Most people have love inside but get so low frequency from all the massive programming, the tvs, the movies, childhood traumas, that they repeat as adults, fights, illnesses, and they're programmed to be reactive, to take retaliation, even in religions that there is righteousness in massive control and harming anyone who does something you deem wrong, ie a little girl in the middle east who talked to boys, so she was tied to a chair and buried alive, but you know, they really believed via their programming that this was what their "god" wanted.

Get rid of the programs, notice the triggers, not just big things like job losses or people who break your rules, but computer messups, all kinds of triggers that lead to your nerves going wonky.

Learn at whats pushing your buttons, its all at trap and its done by this predator group.

The lower frequency ETS work directly at giving the leaders and the illuminati their orders. They are connected to this predatory virus or parasite draco group, this shadow group if you will.

Its a duality.

So break free. Be yourself, seek within, look to the good teachers, we have some, Christ and Buddha, but to the inner search for God/Goodness, the Good Family, Higher Self.

Find out who you are and what talents you can bring.

You're not meant for any lower frequency soul trap.

Don't give them reactions, fear. Even the dracos are scared of us, unless they can gain control by inducing fear. So cast aside worry over the body, and start to work at conscious reactions, reach inside to hold joy, laughter and higher energies.

Nor is your family/loved ones. Start to do the peaceful and good work of transmuting the negative energies around you. Be kind and giving.
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