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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I had a 6 to 8 month experience of being "haunting". After researching OP's subject, I'm thinking it had nothing to do with ghosts. Here are some of the experiences, and maybe someone can explain what was happening:

-sleep paralysis every night for months. the sensation of something trying to drill down into my mind, always had to fight it off.

-night terrors, wake up in a twilight fog, seeing shadow entities, and shadow children, telling me to "SSSSHHHH".

-strange images on the TV would be on. completely frozen in place, numbers and handprints.

-Poked, slapped, pinched, ect. while i tried to sleep.

-whirring shapeshifting at the foot of bed, some sort of form was materializing. left the bedroom for the night after that one.

-shadow entity came through window, actually got into me for a few minutes, convinced me that my girlfriend was a demon. total terror, took over my mind until i recovered it.

Is this sort of stuff related to the Lunar Agents, or is it ghost/demon stuff?
 Quoting: BossBattles

I'm sorry to hear your experiences seems very disturbing.

From what i have researched this could be an result of someone delving into the occult ie some forms of meditation, pagan rituals, OBE, a prayer to a deity/spirit or a huge interest in reading magical/occultic books. It's like a gateway/portal for them it's very important not to do any of their rituals or techniques that they sell to people there are to many people having the same experiences as you after they indulged them selves in these matters.
Please use discernment and a critical mind. For example if Oprah and her company OWN = NWO is advertising for a new age book or dvd then you know there is an agenda behind it because she is either on of them or is willingly to help them for power, wealth etc.

Have you done one or more of the above?

Thing is most of it are "external "guidence" and yes these archon/lunar agents can pose them selves as "enlightened" beings to "make" a connection with your soul by means as above mentioned. I have stumbled from other people who had encounters with "shadow" people the most infamous are the hooded shadow beings with no face just blackness (don't ever look into their faces its their way of connecting with you). Either you are beginning to wake up from who you are and THEY don't LIKE IT at all! Hence they try to scare you sh*tless into gathering knowledge that may help you to free your self from their crasp.

By awakening i mean you may see their scams and their various control mechanisms through religion, new age etc. For OBE this is a two edged sword it can be a good help to you or it can be a nightmare specially for the gullible when they encounter seemingly "loving" spirits to act as a "spirit guide" never let them touch you ever this way they have access to you "harddrive"= memory=experience and they will use it against you. You have free will in those "dimensions" they can not force you unless you allow it or are ignorant of their scams. A big help is whenever you have a conversation with one of them and its a "loving" one and hey tell you things or ask you to do something ALWAYS listen to your gut/instinct/HEART if doubt arises or even distrust/fear this is a clear warning that you are dealing with an imposter, trying to stop your progress. Thing is its all within you you just need to find the "key" (that is for each and every one of us different). How to stop their assaults? Try not to give in into their scare tactics = fear. Tell them to f*ck off with intent! With the sense you are onto them.

I myself had some of your experiences sleep paralysis and encounters with "shadow spiders". And an ongoing assault of this particular traumatic "thought".

Demons (or jinn) are Archon/lunar agents not sure about ghosts though...

Your experiences are not unique many have the same as you had try to search on the net to similar experiences see what people have to tell...

Wish you the best.
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