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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm just swallowing books now more and more things becoming hopefully more "connected"

But i need to say this:

"They" the dark side the "draco" the archons where before the spirits like those of the humans and other life beings...

They came from an alternate universe before this one...

Other researchers have confirmed this in their writings...(they came from another reality universe, while on the other hand this universe has multiple dimensions, but its different and separate from the place where the dark ones - archons/draco etc came from....)

They are seeking ever lasting life...

They infiltrated this universe to spread their "cancer" and to seek or steal life force...to sustain them selves for the time being...

They attempt in creating a spirit/soul which fails every time...(remember the serie V?)

These attempts are done through "cloning" and through abductions "researching" the spirit/soul...by the hiveminded grays and draco and their corrupted helpers...

There was another type of universe/reality before the BIG BANG that is the place where they originate...

It is to my research some of the researchers put emphasis on "they came from another universe/reality" although they do not have the details...

They are very envious jealous of what the spirit/soul stands for...in other words they HATE US HUMANS/and other life BEINGS!!

They try to imprison us through deceit in order for them to figure out what soul/spirit is and also to sustain them selves=life force and or sustain the illusion/prison.

They lie about US telling all sorts of deceit to keep us here through reincarnation they pose as your "guardian angels", "spirit guides" and "higher selves" making you "sign" a contract while you believe its for the greater good...which is a trap...

All they can do is MIMIC life through artificial beings example some type of gray....but never give it spirit/soul. Or corrupt the bodies that are meant for soul/spirits (dna manipulation). The moon is used as one of the places to experiment...

Time is running out....

Hence the push for "oneness" "transhumanism" "ascenzion" to lure us to a "bigger prison" with a bit more "freedom" but...all will be connected with each other "oneness" HIVEMIND so as to have CONTROL of you and your thoughts....in exchange for crappy gadgets and foul "super human abilities WITH their rules....

This is the corrupted version of oneness from the dark side aka hivemind there is however the original oneness as in we all came from the true creator/source seeing EACHOTHER as brothers and sisters all with the SAME SPARK but completely retain their unique individuality and personality and sovereignty. This is who we are when whole!!!

I believe this is close to the truth imo
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1344892

From my research i learn that the draconians originate from the draco constellation which they were living there for millions or even billions of years until they rebelled, now billions of years before if they originate from another universe whoever makes that claim needs to provide some evidence as this sounds a lot with the madness of religion of an extra universal god that created the universe and chose to stay/live in a cave on our moon and from the whole universe incarnate somewhere in israel having our planet to be the only one with life.
So i think because people start to realize they're not gods and they lose the game there they still try to convince us of things outside our universe to keep the religious madness going of extra logos and extra cosmic gods.
"Frauds of the Extra-cosmic Logos and Hebrew Pseudoscience criticized by Hellenic Unified Science"
[link to hellenandchaos.blogspot.com]

A simple way using my common sense that these draconian lizards originate from the same very universe everybody else originates is this.First of all they originate from the draco constellation and are very ancient in this universe just like we are, going back billions of years, so when they came into our universe trillions of years ago???
and if this is possible then quadrillion of years ago so and the white and black race could have come in to this universe from another universe and if things weren't always in this universe then this universe didn't always exist/big bang madness theory!
So right there i just exposed using my common sense the effort of the lunar scums to keep the madness going that this universe is not immortal/it didn't always existed, even more someone created the Supreme Being/universal organism we're all part of and live within it.
[link to www.heraclitusfragments.com]
"An eternal fire: For whatever reason, Heraclitus believed that the universe was an eternal fire (see Fire). The universe did not come into existence, nor will it ever go out of existence. Even though he believed in God/gods as did Homer and Hesiod, he did not think the gods created the universe. The universe remains in its logical ordering, with all of its changes being regulated measure for measure."
"What is clear about the cosmic cycle is that fire turns into other things, and other things turn into fire. This happens 'measure by measure,' so that at every moment there is the same amount of fire, earth, water, &c. (See Robinson 98-101 for a different interpretation.)"

The second false theory is that the draconians seek ever lasting life, all things in this universe are everlasting/immortal, because things get recycled and our human radars cannot sense the parallel dimensions where things go to and coming from and we have lost our ancient memories/knowledge that's how these lunar scums are able to convince us that there is end/death and that they seek everlasting life while in reality taking over and becoming rulers of the universe is what they seek.

As to that they steal lifeforce to sustain themselves this is not the only reason, they need slaves they need souls to program like clu was doing in tron to build up an army big enough and capable enough to defeat the cosmic antibodies so they can take over the universe that is the ultimate goal of every disease not to just sustain itself but to spread and take over everything!
You see that is another effort of the lunar scums to excuse their crimes like they tried in the movie lifeforce saying we're all vampires cause we all drain other life forms but then they told us the difference that we drain other lifeforms at 1% of their total energy but vampires drained them completely cause a disease's moto is death/sleep to everybody else and eternal life to itself and all for itself/the whole universe.
Plus if most of us were to get our ancient memories and wanted to be in a human body so bad we wouldn't make it to have so many needs i would make it able to survive on just sunlight and water, but you see the lunar scums edited our dna they made us meat eaters through brainwashing that humans are omnivorous so when we can't blame them for sucking the life out of everything cause they'll say look you do it too at 1% of what we do.
How humans are not physically created to eat meat
[link to www.celestialhealing.net]
What a better way to keep everybody silent and not report you for your crimes by making him your partner in crime, just like truman cash said they program us in one life time to be demons/lunar agents/wolves and in the other life time to be sheep/victims so since we all have a checkered past they think that will keep us from reporting them or punish them for their crimes.
Also it's funny when i watched the first movie matrix where agent smith called the human race a virus a cancer for spreading and killing everything in it's path, when i saw it i thought he was right until the last year of my research i realized humanity wasn't always like this, we're programed from young age in the cancerous society we grew up that that is the normal way of living. When a teacher is a cancerous being do you expect him to teach his students/victims the healthy way of living?
Humanity is a victim the draconian criminals since they occupied our solar system turned us to a disease just like them, eliminate the disease and the body/humans will become healthy again!
Yet these lunar bastards have the nerve to call the victims/humans the disease and the criminal that's responsible for it a god/the creator of the universe!cruise

edit: i started replying to your post without having read it all and i assumed them trying to support the big bang theory which as i continue reading this is exactly what they believe lol.
The big bang theory is right down laughable just like the theory man evolved from monkeys which ghrees destroyed these lunar implanted believes using common sense and simple examples. (Also note the chinese support the theory that man evolved from monkeys but only for the white and black race implying they are special and different from us, which gives it away from where this propagandas come from just like the nazi aryansim in germany was infested into the german population minds from mongol/chinese monks from Tibet that moved to germany before the world wars according to raymond drake's research and astonishment how come peace loving monks support these extreme beliefs. Also note these tibetian monks belonged in the thulu group/society which is shwon also in the illuminati card game of steve jackson.
This darwin theory is also a military strategy to lower the pride of your enemy by making him believe he's nothing more special than a stupid monkey while you brainwash your own people of how great they are coming from above/moon being the draco's race etc.
Read the sun tzu's book the art of war and you'll take a very good idea of how the dragon's race fights.
I was personaly amazed when read that they calculate take into consideration even the enemy's emotional strength not just his physical etc.)

A simple example ghrees provided was how come from one single color race/species to come out 3 different color races! and why this doesn't repeat itself to have white parents giving birth to a black child and black parents giving birth to a white child cruise
Also if you youtube michael cremo forbidden archaeology

I think it's in this interview i watched months ago where he says the skull Darwin found to prove man evolved from monkeys and was placed in a british museum was found later to be fake! did you guys here that in any mainstream media? and the hilarious part was that no scientist was taking responsibility for that, everybody was acting like they knew nothing! This is insane they should be in a f*cking prison for deceiving humanity on levels like that using cheap tricks like we're full retards and we'll not take notice!

Next simple example that the big bang theory is false is to have an explosion first you need space! what you see as empty space is an area full with charged atoms!!!
So what universe didn't exist you f*cking lunar agents!

"Vindication of timeless Greek Super Scientists and crash of perversions hebrew-judaic mason sub-scientinsts.FINAL SHOOT AND THE END OF EINSTEIN'S FRAUDS,AND "BIG BANG"lunatic theories"
[link to hellenandchaos.blogspot.com]
Following the discovery of CERN for the light speeds in excess speeds finer particles such as neutrinos ( [link to ellhnkaichaos.blogspot.com] , thus refuting a useless and deceptive both theories Einstein, namely the General Theory of Relativity and Special Theory of Relativity, because both are based on deliberate deceit that the speed of light is supposedly the speed limit in the universe. This is the first. Secondly, the Greek Super Scientist Tsolkas ( [link to www.tsolkas.gr] few thousand years after ancient Greeks astrophysicists and nuclear physicists rediscovers being deceitful lies the theory that the BIG BANG theory of the explosion of a concentrated mass of unknown cause condensation, Tsolkas proves that everything came from the slow condensation of ether as they write and the texts of G.H.REES in the text of G.H.REES and in the introduction to the text of the "Tripartite Ancient Greek Martial Arts." ( [link to ellhnkaichaos.blogspot.com] )....

....Note: The G.H.Rees rejects completely the theory of Big Bang BIG BANG because it not answer to the purpose for which created this theory. This theory was created ostensibly to answer the question of how the universe began, namely that it was created. But this theory does not start from beggining, but starting from the middle, that does not give explanations before the BIG BANG that compact the mass and exploded, so this theory does not explain the creation of the universe.
In the false theory of BIG BANG we should imagine a huge press machine and who made the press machine? and then this thing we should be observed at least twice to be periodicity, nor the one time he saw the one who took this theory. So the owners of intellectual hebrew-judaic-saxon go bye a drink of coffee to yourself to wake up.
It explodes after it recompress or explodes perpetually ... what you're saying now ... Ancient Greeks used to say more ... namely: that it breathes from the time it was created and is perpetual relative shrinkage and the relative expansion.
At the theory of big explosion we ask: Apology, we are products of explosion? ; ; and then why everything are thirteen into the universe? Why the products that explode from the bomb did agree that they are per thirteen? the sun and the twelve planets? did they these agreement from each other? Everything in the all universe are a sun and twelve planets around (in elliptic orbits - harmonious). While a in Super-sun as [Seirios] has twelve planetary (solar) systems around him.
So these stones agreed together to play pool at thirteen??? Please gentlemen of pseudo-intellectuals ... These are not rational things. They agreed and antimatter that contains the opposite corner and opposite the sun absorption, ie black hole and those with thirteen (;;;) namely anti-sun and midnight black planets??? If you put down the math you see that this theory is reset by theory of probability.
What chance that it colluded stones together and be all thirteen up, after a giant explosion BIG BANG;
Karageorgiou John
Representative G.H.R.EES

...Einstein Relativity theory declares aether necessary!
[link to www.youtube.com]
One thing though was right mentally crippled and sustainer of the ancient Greek manuscripts rabbi sustainer Einstein:
"Deus sive Natura", namely: The "God" Super-Mind is Nature itself, Universal body. With the entrants who accept mentor Spinoza (God = universe) and not the sustainer Einstein."...

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