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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I saw the movie abraham lincoln last weekend and here's some interesting parts i took notice.

The father and the first of the vampires is called ADAM!
This also reminded me the creator of the hybrids in binary domain being called ADAM(A).
Ghrees has decoded the draconian biblical story of adam and eve that it was the creation of the hybrid dragon race chinese and not of the white and black human race as both of these races go back billions of years!

So when i connect the dots here i get the picture of the first hybrid chinese lizard that was created on the moon and was named adam!

Pay attention in the beginning of the movie when one vampire gets thrown to the sky and there is the moon placed behind him like he's being sent back to the moon.
Also the movie poster shows abraham lincoln sitting on a chair and behind him above there is the moon which is another subliminal message that vampires/draconians/semi draconians(hybrids) etc originate from the moon!

Also if you pay attention to the ring adam wears there's a reptilian eye symbol on it which gives away that vampires=reptilians!
Its hilarious to think that adam and eve from the bible weren't humans but the first reptilian hybrids who landed on our planet after they left heaven/moon.

Another hint that heaven is a codename for our moon was given in the funny movie i saw yesterday "the campaign" which i'll comment more on that later. When will ferrell fell outside from the window in the church and disappeared the believers said "he has ascended!" And the camera zooms in to our moon! sending a clear message that heaven=moon!

Putting those things to our face like that makes wanna see that fucking moon destroyed so bad, an idea i had was to inform all good hackers around the world to hack into the weaponized satellites that orbit earth and look out to space to participate in the new star war and use those to turn the moon into cosmic dust.

A badass hacker on this planet could easily become the savior of this planet if you think about it.
The weapons that are capable to blow up moons are in place all we need is a hacker to aim them to our moon and press the trigger!

And to remind in draconian armies when you take out their king its game over!
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