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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
just look at the Legacy of Kain!

Blood omen 1 and 2
Soul Reaver 1 and 2
and Deception.

Kain is a human turned as a vampire to be given a 2nd chance to change his fate.

He became the king of vampires! To acheive vengence he had to slain the Seraphim Lord wich is a Demon/ Alien Being. Soul eaters. Enslaving humans and vampires alikes.

Attempting to make a hybrid race of Seraphs/ vampires!

By the end of blood omen 2 Kain slays the seraph lord and the war end!

Much later, seraphim hybrids awakens and offer to serve their king Kain. One hybrid named Raziel is born with Bad ass Bats wings! Kain, offuscated by this, break the wings of Raziel and throw him to burn in the bottomless pit!

Raziel Seeks Justice throught the Soul reaver serie!

at the end of Soul reaver 1 Raziel breaks the Soul reaver blade of Kain! The sword with which Kain destroyed the seraph lord!

From this the broken sword Soul merged with What left of Raziel soul! Becoming one!

in soul reaver 2 you begin with the Soul reaver in energy form!

by the end of soul reaver 2 Raziel find the pieces of the broken soul reaver and reassemble it! Raziel is now Invincible!

a decayed version of Kain appears and tells Raziel who is stronger! The soul Reaver or Raziel.

Just as he mention this, the soul reaver tries to eat the soul of it's host, until it discover that his host and the soul reaver are one! Kain leaves with the physical soul reaver blade. Raziel returns to the Spectral realm!

in Deception, Kain discover that Morpheus, a Human mage has been using Raziel agaisnt Kain! Later on, Kain discover about the Black Heart and remove it of his chest.

After a boss battle with a fallen angel, Kain come pay a visit to morpheus which can no longer control Kain! Kain gets revenge and slays Morpheus!

Meanwhile Raziel found a way to slay the beast of the abyss! but he requires Kain Black Heart!

As both encounters a battle start! Raziel and kain both calm down and both realise that The only way to Slay the beast that Coorupted the pillars of Nosgoth is by rebuilding the Soul reaver and merging as one!

Raziel is the Soul Reaver!

As the beast commes to the surface, (a giant Squid like creature.)

Kain realise that morpheus was telling the truth after all!

The beast which know it self as the Soul eater of the spectral realm, as if all souls that dies eventualy go back to him! (knows itself to be invinvible)

After kain give the first slash of the Finalised soul reaver blade! One of the tentacles of the squid get cuted of! The beast screams in pain! (How in hell is this even possible, how, HOW, How can a mere arrogant mortal be able to acheive such a feat!)

and then well in the end, all the souls of hell have been freed from the squid!
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