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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle BossBattles
Post Content

We need to not only remember this, but enact it. We can be the hackers in our personal quest for freedom. We can't hope or wait for a government hacker dood to turn a weaponized satellite to the moon.

We have shackles and halos and implants and frequencies in place that will keep us on a one way train to the moon, or some other holding station even if the physical one blows up.

It is important to keep researching all these symbols and signs and interesting tidbits, because it helps us understand how deep this goes and where to look.

Another thing we need to begin practicing is our own Soul Hacking, Mind Hacking, Consciousness Override, ect. Make your own term. Come up with your own ritual or one of a kind practice.

Here's what i mean:

Our brains are supercomputers with limiters. Our hearts are frequency changers with a poison chemical drip installed. Our minds are imagination architects with demolition teams booby trapping our creations. But our actual Consciousness, Willpower, or actual Self cannot be corrupted. Therefore, in these dire times where our physicality has been tampered with and reduced to a point where we are glorified flesh slaves, living just long enough to support the system and then die in mental and physical anguish, we have our Consciousness, and we must learn how to make it do the work for us.

I have much going against me in the last 5 years. Massive infiltration by unseen beings at night. My sleep time has been turned into torture and brain washing sessions. Recently, i have decided i would return to what i know, which is simply, my Self.

For example: a man at my job became ill with cancer. we were told he was basically going to die very soon. I didn't know the guy much, but it saddened me that this was happening to him. I decided to send my consciousness to where he was and relieve him of his pain. There was no pretense of "healing" or "saving", only to go there and share in his existence and give him comfort. The next week he's at work, glowing, looking healthy, smiling and hugging people. This is somewhat along the lines of what adampants talked about.

Instead of Praying (preying) to an external "God", begging for it to help you or do something "good" for someone. YOU CHOOSE TO BE WHAT YOU ARE, which is infinite creation, imagination and energy, and you share that with another, and the outcome that is most suited for that situation, will come to pass. When i did my thing, it was purely to have that moment, to share that difficult moment with another soul. Never did i ASK for something. I only shared. This is the exact opposite of what we are taught. We are taught that we are slaves in the shadow of a big God, and only he can accomplish things.

That is the wrong way to perceive it. We are all part of this universal body, and we all can share in the source energy at any time. We can all work to alleviate pain, but it has to be pure intension.

So this man could have died, or he could have shown up at work like he did without my experience. No matter. The point is not thinking you are "doing" anything. But, i will say that what you hold in your thoughts, and in your MOOD, does affect the reality around you, and its time to take responsibility for it.

Another example: Feeling like shit a couple days ago. Won't go into why...let's just say it should have taken a good 5 days to feel better. Instead, before i went to sleep, I made the DECISION, or INTENSION to be relieved of this feeling, to rediscover my Self, and to feel energized, creative and excited about life. I woke up with all these things. It worked because i had no doubt in my mind about it. This does not happen with affirmations, or mechanical thoughts as well as it does with pure consciousness.

Hard to explain the difference, but im sure readers of this thread understand. Again, it is a personal discovery and journey. The nuances you must find are for you, and that is your quest. Just know that your Self/Consciousness/Will Energy overrides this matrix system. It can and it will, if you decide.

Therefore, as we work to stay alive on this planet, which is important, because we must forge our personalities and our knowledge and wisdom, to prepare for battle in the next world. We must stay physically and mentally healthy for as long as possible, because that is how we continue to weaponize our power, for the moment that you will know when you need to unleash YOUR WILL, to demolish the forces that may align against you at any time.

They keep us weak and short lived, because they know we always find out eventually what needs to be done. Stay alive, keep fighting. Use your Will, your intension, your awareness...USE them as shields, use them as swords, use them as a healing embrace, use them how they are intended... which is the unique creative expression of the whole through YOU, to share with all, and to obliterate those that would prevent it.

"Eternity is a constant beginning" This is a quote from J. Krishnamurti. Was he a lunar agent? I have no idea. Is that a good quote? Well, it depends....

Everything has its Positive/Negative. Let's take it in a positive way....we should feel energetic in life. We should always feel like we are on the cusp of a great discovery, experience or battle. Right? IF we are morose, and just hanging on for dear life, feeling like we're just going through the motions, i would say that is not feeling like you're beginning a new day, it is more like a slow ending to your life.

We should always have that spark of the child, ready to play, ready to run head first into the unknown forest with the certainty he is going to find something cool.

Keep kicking lunar ass!
 Quoting: AlwaysBattlingBosses 8410224

Amazing post!
i wanna add the way i make myself feel better is when i realize that its the thoughts that produce the feelings and i can simply change the way i feel in an instant by imagining great things. I imagine amazing past memories of my life and those thoughts/memories eliminate the negative emotions in an instant!

Its a mind game for me and i realized that mind soul and body is in constant war with the draconians 24/7 even when in sleep.
I remembered the dream i had when i woke up today and it reminded me how important is to remember our dreams and destroy them through our conscious as like ghrees said they will act like hypnotism orders we will execute without our will. That dream affected my emotions and mentality big time and i was so glad i remembered it so i could eliminate it from my mind through my conscious. The cold water i threw also helped restore the chemical balance of my brain as it was feeling very heavy like it went through some great stress during sleep.

When you talked about cancer you reminded me this article of a person who cured himself from prostate cancer that had spread also to his bones in 11 days!
[link to phkillscancer.com]

He was drinking 2 cups of water where each contained 2 teaspoons of baking soda throughout the day measuring his ph to bring it up to 8 as when your body's ph is close to 8 it creates an environment where cancer or any other disease cannot survive!
Some days he overdid it going up to 3 spoons of baking soda per cup which was giving him a headache so he went back down to 2.

Also here's the website of italian doctor Dr. Tullio Simoncini who has cured hundreds of cancer patients with baking soda.
[link to www.curenaturalicancro.com]

Note baking soda is one of the many cures for cancer one can find doing some research.
I personally like it due to being extremely cheap and less hassle involved as therapies like the gerson therapy and others require a lot more things to do.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26351551

I started watching battlestar galactica, and even the show is taking place far in the future, humans still suffer cancer, and still treat it in a barbaric way! I thought of how much of a sad joke it is all the suffering at the hands of cancer that could be easily avoided. We really live in a bizzaro world, ruled by LUNAtics.

I recently read up on the baking soda and the science behind it. It sickens me when i hear people patting themselves on the back for their cancer walks/races, earning more money for the criminals that will spend it on their lavish lifestyle.

And now they've got the whole country focused on some probably man-made storm just in time for elections. The idiocy never stops, so it is more important than ever to always be battle ready, and try to alleviate your minds from the cancerous ways of this world.

Since my post about using thought to help myself, my dreams have been heavy with fighting. I wake up feeling like i got ran over by a dumptruck. LOL.

It doesnt always work to make your day smooth with your intension, but its important to keep trying and finding those loopholes in their system. They definitely take notice when one of their slaves shines their consciousness a little bit. Expect a reaction, but dont back down!
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