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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle BossBattles
Post Content
This idea of frequency hit me this morning. I'm wondering if much of this food, technology, tv and modern music (the sucky kind) are set at a frequency to train your mind to take you to the lunar parks after death.

If we live our lives addicted to certain things, that will persist in our minds after death in some form. IF we are constantly being programmed at the frequencies of the moon dracos, then that is something we have to figure out how to avoid or alter.

Again, if our consciousness can trump their programming, then we need to make an effort to take time out each day to wash away those frequencies, to take them and tweak the channels, to turn the dial to another frequency all together.

We can do this. Sure, we should pay attention to how much we are using certain devices and how, but it really can't be avoided, what with the cell towers and who knows what else they have....

We have to pull of our own inside jobs on THEM! Change the frequency. Scan your mind and body and pick out what doesn't belong or feel right, and turn it into a weapon against them, or just release it back to its source, or whatever.

Again, this is creative expression, and it can only be done in a way that YOU KNOW HOW. I will do it in my way, and how i know, and you will do it in a way that you know, and you do KNOW.
 Quoting: FrequencyBreaker 8410224

Amazing post, music programs the masses big time just pay attention 99% of the songs are about love(big brainwashing here) like our only goal in life is to marry and reproduce, religions make sure in advance for billions of sheeples souls to get slaughter in the soul dimension as the draconians dont wanna waste their time in the soul dimension convincing you that they're your creator that are superior to you and you should just surrender your soul to them and accept everything they do to you etc.

Another example of the big impact music has on the masses was in a thread on this forum i read few months ago when the jails in america became privately owned the rich elite had a meeting with the music producers to change the rap music to promote violence so the crime rate increases and the prison business to start booming.

I wish i could find that thread as it was written by a guy who was in that elite meeting where they made them signed a contract and told them all about that plan.


Thread: Rap music was designed to fill privately own prisons
"The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation"
[link to www.hiphopisread.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26712892

I remember hearing about that earlier this year about the rap music decision. Music is controlled in this manner. They decide the trends before they happen. Or, they will take a style/movement and manipulate it to fit their agenda.

Its sad that what people view as "culture" is largely engineered to be that way, especially in american "black" culture, which is really just infiltration from those goodfellas that run hollywood, and many other massively powerful industries.

The rest just follow suit because they eant to latch on to what is "cool", which is the biggest joke about the human race.

The Myth of Cool. The desire or need to appear cool is as dangerous to the soul as a memory wipe, because in the quest to adopt "coolness", you essentially erase your own personality to adopt one that has been manufactured for you! What a sick joke!

These days, the perception of cool is more important than ever. Good luck to any true originals out there that dont care about being cool, because society won't give you any notice as long as you don't fit the mold.

Women are the target of this programming, and the rest go along with it.
People don't realize how little of what they think and feel is actually their own. Most of it is programmed or borrowed.
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