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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
and hey, don't read the book The Necronomicon, it will make your life hell, that's why it's free. I started reading it in between, to know more about soul eaters and after death, and I remember I read something like, "don't let anyone who know about the secrets of The Necronomicon, reveal it, don't let them do that, don't let them survive". But I din't pay it that attention, after reading a little, I watched the movie Necronomicon(1993), and that's when I realized, it has real secrets in it, after all, it's the book of highest level of black magic, and you don't want to know the secrets lol.

here's the movie.
[link to www.youtube.com]

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19673790

"Do not read that book", "kill anyone who reveal it secrets" "but keep it free for anyone to read" etc IS ALL PART OF THE PROMOTION for that book on how to make as many people as possible to rush to read it.

How can someone says we must keep it secret then promote it with ads? and give it away for free?

Most likely satanists and magicians are short on people and looking for new recruits to mop the floor and clean the toilets of the places they do their sick stuff with promises that down the road they too will become great magicians etc etc.

I remember some kung fu movies where kids went to old men to learn martial arts and they had them sweep their house clean their cars their toilets etc hahaha i'm laughing while i type this rofl!
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