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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
Here you go read those quotes (every one should to see his lies).

Lol keep feeding lies OP mr. research cant even discern adampants from the hungarian guy! And op never going to admit his dire mistakes. he keeps feeding people that are not agreeing with him the "agent/shill" label.

Your so smart aren't you? Your so smart that you can hear the difference between the 2 guys do you? No ofcourse not YOU WERE acting enraged possessed blinded by hatred for the info i presented with out PROPER research.

Op is playing a nasty game and its you who is the agent promoting a CHRISTIAN alcoholic member of the de-mol-lay society !!! And dont you ignore that piece of factual evidence that he indeed admited that he was a member of that society and you know what that means do you? It means he is BRAINWASHED/PROGRAMMED to spread disinfo lol former navy officer or something like that with TOP SECRET info to share...give me a break just like the infamous john lear secrets man....

Keep ignoring the fact that your beloved Bil Kooper is an devoted christian the thing you so hate!

Keep telling people that jfk was killed by a fake arm lol
Where is your research? Clearly it was the shadow on the head of the person next to the driver that appear as a "gun" thanks to the sun light.

Most things are indeed CRAP every one is programmed not to say there is some truth in movies/games but your not immune to the programming because there are layers of mind f*ck

It is you who is operating like an agent dis info by instantly attack people if the info sounds not according to rees. I rather have a discussion with free minded people who see the traps/distractions and its not here.

You are a parasite YOU like people who agree with you YOU mocked a guy who loved walking in the nature and agreed with his FREE mind some of the things i said. To bad that person DID NOT see its vicious attack. I never understood why he didnt defended him self.....

Anyway from the hatred you show your a typical psychopath who loves the attention and loving HIS EPEEN by sucking the life force from those that agree or by attacking those who disagree this gives you a "kick" doesnt it?

Your the type of guy who has no friends no chick just a bitter guy behind a screen who does not tolerate any different viewpoints except his own.

I asked the indian guy for more info about the soul hunters is that a crime? And i wanted to know hy rees is hiding info "his reply of its because people would panic" this doesnt sound legit at all not to forget his nitrino telescope.....

Go STROKE YOUR EPEEN you need it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1344892

You should know that be projecting the missunderstanding as hate you will only Give importance to op! And look.

if your projecting hate, maybe you should look at a mirror and say out loud the very things you write While looking at your fcae in your very eyes and see if you can saw all that without wanting to look away!

You can't do it! Nobody human can! Only heartless bastards can do that!

So keep your cool and stay on topic. cause as of right now your trolling and deraling the discussion and attacking OP!

so im gona have to agree with op on this! Shill warning!

If your not a shill then you would not get mad and would just ignore the above!
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