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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle BossBattles
Post Content
To BossBattles

Thanks for the headsup
I was wondering why you didnt defended your self...its just wrong from the op to trash me and you for acknowledging adam. And since then accuses me falsly with nothing to back it up except his delusional paranoid childish ways...

Let no one tells you whats right or wrong for you I wish there were more people like you discussing with an open mind even though you may not agree with the person we still can learn from each other. The op has a TRAIL OF FALSE ACCUSATIONS AND NAME CALLING me, you, blitz, indian guy, austrian guy pretty much every one who is against him. Atleast I can prove he LIED so many times while he uses fallacies based on his delusional paranoid mentality.

ps I got banned how convenience it was....and always on this thread!

Anyway regarding your questions no I have not researched those info about the neantherhal computer so I cant help you srry.

In the mean time I did my research and learned alot of new things things I wanted to share here....but as you know he is going to attack me. Things like the 8th sphere....spiders....vesica piscis tied with the number 153 and its connection with what Truman told in his book "the eye of ra".

Im currently thinking of making a thread or together with likeminded people about the things discussed here and much more, with respect and free speech unlike op....but the question is wether to post it on glp or some different site....

Take care
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26987916

Yes, a thread that expands the parameters of subjects and research is always a good next step.

I have a major problem being told that ANY info is withheld "for my own good", or for the good of the public, which isn't even paying attention anyways.

In this world, there is no time to waste on the fragile psyches that can't handle REALITY.
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