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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Crazy syncronicity oP

I was just thinking about this last night for no reason at all
I imagined I dies and my soul zoomed up away from the earth towards the cosmos and an electric field prevented me from leaving and sent me back to earth

Crazy imagination but so weird to see this post
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 918760

I was out of body a number of times. A year ago i decided to head out towards a star, and i know it was silly. But i had just backed off some being at the edge of our atmosphere and told it i would control my own destiny.

So. I headed out like a bat out of hell. It was not long and i came upon this barrier which was supportd throuout space by this grid of lights. The barrier shimmered like jello and for some reason scared the hell out if me, so i stopped and yelled out something like oh shit, the same as when i crashed an airplane lol. At the same time a voice i have heard before told me not to go past the barrier.

Not long ago i was once again high above the earth and that same entity told me it was ok to be there, but not try and leave the earth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23243894

From this article of ghrees
[link to hellenandchaos.blogspot.com]
..."B) The humans on Earth continue to see “Dreams”. This is a clear indication that our Draconian imprisonment is still here. Because “Dreams” and “Dream State” and “Astral Projection” and “Lucid Dreaming” and “Visions”, etc, are all manipulated holographic triple LINK/LAP/MASER psychotronic emissions of the Draconian/Cronian faction in order to fine tune and better telecontrol the humans terrestrial population in a state of “Zombie” – “Lord’s servant” – “Lunar Servant” – with purpose the serving of the Lunar Geostrategics and with final (blackmail against the Federal Andromedians) purpose the annihilation of the white andromedian race and of the black indigenous sirian race and of the Mongolian race(including Hebrews) namely the annihilation of the 2/3rds in the sino-Zionistic motivated Armageddon (See: Jonh’s revelation genociding draco program) and with end purpose the robbery of the Earth’s valuable and raw materials by the Draconian flagship, the Moon, of the space bandit pseudogod Sin-Sion-Zion-Sedi-Jedi-YHWH Draco Overlord."...

But just like in movies the lunar agents reveal some truth info same i believe happens and in dreams oobes etc where in your case that barrier you came across ghrees has informed us that is the electromagnetic barrier the draconians had put in place when first arrived here past the soul traps(exactly like it was shown in the cabin in the woods movie!!!) to make sure no single soul escape from this planet and solar system and notify the galactic police of our situation here to come here and whip their behind!
That according to ghrees has already happened and the galactic police have taken planet saturn from the draconians and have positioned their fleet on planet saturn's orbit and the draconians theirs on jupiter's orbit for the new star war that will decide the fate of this solar system.
(google "new moons of saturn and jupiter", hundreds new moons showed up in their orbits after the year 2000!), and there's also a new star war 7 movie the draconians prepare to brainwash the earthlings with the supposed good rebels(draconians)jedi/jude/jade/sin/sion/zion/sentai/yahewh against the evil galactic empire that has come to whip their behind and free our solar sustem from this draconian disease!

Similar brainwashing the draconian cartoon saber rider and the star sheriffs does where they demonize nemesis/justice who blew up our moon on the last episode when he was coming to earth!
And there's tons of other draconian films where they demonize nemesis.
For the criminals their punisher is the bad guy!

And in the movie flying swords of dragon gate i saw last weekend it was shown that the hybrid lizards/dragon race are well aware who truly is nemesis(punisher of criminals) as pay attention when jet li went to punish/kill the corrupted governors/leaders of china he told them "I AM YOUR NEMESIS!"
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