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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To the snake Op:

Your last post:

"I'm not gonna waste any more time with them as thats what they want and i had some great new intel i had found to talk today but they wasted all my time so i'll post it tomorrow if this thread remains alive!"

That there is a clear example....of agent tactics....discredit the others when its to much for poor OP.

I have strong feeling he and his "buddies" have taken out this thread once just to falsly accuse the other posters in order to back stap them "they have taken it down!!!!!!"

And now he might DO IT AGAIN to strengthen his patethic claims based on thin air as you know guys, he has some good relationship with "some one" as he told that him self.

People forget that OP has trully used some hatred and mockery to some of the posters here if you cant see that i recommend going to the optician:

Trashing, name calling, mockery the following persons:

Me (pure hatred and false accusations)
BossBattles (mockery child like behaviour and accusations)
Blitz (pure hatred)
The indian guy ((again hatred)
The austrian guy (again hatred)
And others who i did not mentioned.

If some one tells you flat out your dumb or vicious name calling in all CAPS that is not he way to behave.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1344892

Yeah, i didnt quite understand when he said that he saved me from joining the draconians. If you read what i said, i was simply describing why it was so easy to find humans to sell out, and i dont blame them.

Also, we tend to forget that nothing we share online will ever lead to any change in the situation. Lets admit that this is purely for our own brains to help understand reality, and therefore we need to pull back once in awhile and have a laugh, leave the computer and go take a walk.
 Quoting: BossBattles

Bossbattles i'm not wasting any more time with the above exposed shills but to remind you the indian, dutch, and austrian shill are the pack of hyenas that attack threads simultaneously,check from 15 pages back when one of them shows up the other do too at the same time to cause chaos and disturbance on the thread they infiltrate pretending to be normal people.
The austrian guy himself gave it away that he's friend with the dutch dude and keep in mind those are the very scumbags who got this thread removed.

I wanna believe you're not one of them but recently you have taken the same old path attempting to discredit everything on the internet!

If the interent doesn't contain any truth then ask yourself why then the elite tries to censor the internet with sopa and pipa???

And as about that nothing we share online will change anything i can't stress how wrong you are on that man!

Do you know that as we speak the representative of the secret team ghrees is in jail right now?

The greek authorities arrested him for warning the greeks of the upcoming genocide their leaders prepare for them by the turkish albanian bulgarian armies that will attack ghrees simultaneously at the 3rd balkan war!

If info we share online doesn't change a thing then ask yourself why this man was put into jail for sharing his intel wit us?

Why bill cooper was assassinated by our government and bill clinton himself had said him to be the most dangerous man and a warrant for his arrest was issued at 9/11! an event he had predicted months before it happened!

If info we share online doesn't change anything on this planet

That was a friendly k.o. boss and dont fall on the above exposed shills and their pathetic attempt to turn us against each other, when humanity has a common problem all humans should work together to solve that problem and thats why the draconians have divided us in so many countries have us killing each other instead of working together to cure the galactic disease!
Same divide and conquer strategy is being attempted on this very thread as we speak by the above exposed shills!
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