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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
About the elections i didn't want obama to win due to the 2012 movie and the russians video who informed us that it was also written in a news magazine in 1997 that the last president of the united states will be a black man!

For more intel see below link.
Thread: The 2012 Movie Decoded!
I just rechecked this link and it looks all videos have been removed or blocked, if true reply to this post and i'll repost them!
Also if you quote the 2012 thread the links to videos look they have been edited by mods and that might be the reason they dont show up anymore.
This is not the first time i see my threads getting edited and removed.
And this 2012 thread had some amazing videos man especially the one with the russians informing us that the last president of usa will be a black man and it was also mentioned by an american news magazine back in 1997! and the year 2008 that he would be elected!
I'll repost that video here.

[link to www.youtube.com]

As about that it doesn't matter who you vote and the true owners of this country george carlin does an amazing job exposing the crap out of them!

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