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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I saw the new universal soldier movie last weekend and was blown away with some things it showed to our face and also dared to experiment with the viewers as guinea pigs!

Note in advance there is a lot of symbolism in that movie!

When they were attempting to hijack a persons mind making him remote control puppet you could hear a ringing sound playing in his head! This is very important as we could become aware when government scums or lunar agents attempt the same thing on us.
Then what the movie did and made me so upset that they also dare to do it and 2 times in a row!
The whole screen was covered with flickering brainwashing lights(identical to the brainwashing lights of the movie cipher the island and many more) that program the humans in the movie but who became aware that this brainwashing technique was also aimed at the very viewers of that movie as it was going on for at least few minutes!(Who know what effect that had on the subconscious mind of the complete unaware viewers!)
It was hard in the eyes too and i had mine covered the whole time leaving a small gap open for when it was finished to go back watching.

Then what Dolph said blew my mind as i was able to decipher his intel.

-My brothers.
Let's not forget
the moment of sickness.(moon/disease arrived on our shores/earth 13,500 years ago.[see ancient historians and raymond drake gods and spacemen throughout history])
Our thoughts interrupted by
unfamiliar worships.
(That unfamiliar warship is our very moon! see link end of this post "moon is an alien spaceship/warplanet!)
We were merely arms and legs
moving to the directive
of another mind.(Draconian puppets, the shills that attacked this thread recently are prime example.)
But in an instant
the veil has lifted.
And today, brothers,
I stand here to declare
your minds are now your own.
Each and every one of us
bred into slavery(from birth),
superior to our creators(destroyers/erasers).
They gave us nothing(amnesia!)...
nothing inside(became empty/erased!)
but the void in our soul,
the curse
that binds us
together, my brothers.
But then he came along(bad cop good cop strategy played on them as it was told in the movie avengers when loki was imprisoned!).
He turned the curse
into a blessing(brainwashed them that is a good thing see below "the salesman of death strategy").
He is the inspiration.
He is the light(trap)
that set us free(enslaved!).
We are his eyes and ears(his puppets now).

When he talks about "HE that came along and is the light etc" he was talking about his boss named Luc who symbolized Lucifer and it was also shown towards the end of that movie that Lucifer is a 2 face motherf*cker as he plays both the good god and evil satan(good bad cop strategy!), he had his face painted half black half white but instead vertically like the 2 face in batman he had it horizontally so they don't make it too obvious.

Pay attention when he said "we are now his eyes and ears" which means they're not free but simply changed ownership or the same criminal who enslaved them came to them as their savior with sole purpose to enslave them even deeper!

We can see this strategy being applied by the human elite on this very planet, where when they want to change things they create the problems so the masses accept the change/solution which is far worse than the current problems.

When dolph also said he is the light the camera showed a "snake tattoo!", anyone remember when i decode the trailer of dragon gate where the light gate to heaven was called dragon gate! This was made a lot more obvious in that movie as they also called the dragon gate "god gate"! Mind blowing stuff man!

Also in uni soldier pay attention on the religious symbol of Luc/lucifer, it was similar to the ancient symbol of a snake on a cross or a crescent moon on top of the cross!

Then this movie also showed that our human bodies can regrow its limbs if you unlock some of the 97% unknown/locked dna our today corrupted scientists got paid to call "junk dna" to refrain any independent biologists and other doctors from researching it and unlocking it!

-I can hear this voice
in my head telling me
that I gotta find him.
Telling me that
I gotta kill him.
So I go.
And I find him
and then he shows me the truth.
And my thoughts?
They're not my own.

And this verified again what ghrees has informed us that most of our thoughts are not our own and have given us also the solution how to filter our thoughts and identify which are our own and which are not.
[link to hellenandchaos.blogspot.com]

The draconian remote control puppets who came out of their holes to attack this thread recently might wanna take notes here if they want their remote controlled brains to ever become free from their masters.

-I had a family...
a wife,
a daughter.
I can remember.
-The memories...
It hurts,
doesn't it?
-Go to him.(lunar god)
He'll help you forget.

-Your memories, John,
they give you pain.
But I can release you
from them.
I can release you
from your pain.
Would you like
to be free from pain?
(similar solution people who suicide want freedom from pain and problems but they only release their souls to greater torments and pain that awaits them on the other side, and similar to anyone who gets his memories erased expecting freedom from pain he only enslaves and buries himself even deeper in his hole and the same problems he was running away from he'll find them in front of him as the only escape from problems is their solution and to keep "remember" their solution!)

Here just like in the dollhouse series and just like the news articles online promoting the new memory erasing pills that are coming out we have "the salesman of death!", pay attention how clever they promote it, be free from your pain (and forget everything so you'll repeat the same mistakes and relive the pain all over again!) etc
Similar clever advertisement was made for the rfid chip and what was mind blowing in the movie was when scot adkins pulled out the chip implant from the back of his neck that was used by his owners to track him down and remote control him it was as an "rfid chip!!!"

I was like holy freaking shit they dared to show that! they had it covered in blood and i wandered how many viewers took notice!

Then when john went to get his memories erased the chair they put him on reminded me the chair from the dollhouse series.

When they told him that his memories are artificial it reminded me that this can be used as a strategy also to fool someone that his real memories are fake!

-There is no end.
another John.(Reincarnation/Recycle!)

And if there's no end there is no beginning!
This delivers a lethal blow to all religions and mind control systems on this planet that want us to believe that we have a beginning and that someone(with no beginning !lol!) created us out of nothing and thus he's more powerful than us and we must submit to him and serve him like slaves!

When john returned to his master:
-What about me?
We'll take you in,
erase some memories
and then you'll be...(the script maker wanted to say "fucked" but put(...) instead rofl!)
then you'll be free.
Truly free.
You seem disappointed(not buying it).

I would give him the answer the director gave to loki in the avengers when he was talking about peace.

"When you talk about freedom i kinda think you mean the other thing!"

And here we also learn the dark side of freedom(everything has a - and + side) where when someone is free from his memories/erased is like a leaf in the wind a free meal to become devoured by the closest predator to it!

Here's a new catch phrase i made
"Free from diseases but slave to healthiness and kick ass of diseases!"

A quote from the abraham lincoln vampire hunter movie.
-"May I share one of the
revelations of my 5,000 years?
We're all slaves to something.
I, to eternity.
You, to your convictions. Others,
to the color of their skin."

The last sentences in quotes i doubt many will understand due to the massive brainwashing from birth that freedom/lost in the sauce is absolute good and slave/attachment/connection absolute evil.

The draconians are slaves to corruption and cancerous consciousness!

To make it simple
Freedom=Detached from things
Slavement=Attached to things

Like most people are "slaves to their desires" etc.

Here's the links i've mentioned above about that out moon is an alien spaceship war planet and lunar gods mission to milk our planet dry and blow up our solar system on his way out. They also expose him with experts from the bible itself that is that galactic criminal earthlings worship as their god and creator the one who erase their memories!

Thread: Sunshine 2007 movie EXPOSED! a must read thread!

And here's a solution i came up recently with to punish the draconians or make them think twice before they ignite ww3/armageddon on our planet.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27077367

I made some new posts after this important post and thought to bump it and unbury it so more people get to read it. :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27077367

About that if you lose your memories you're f*cked this new game i'm playing it tells it to our face!

[link to www.sigma-team.net]

"The world of nightmares is mysterious and amazing, it scares and fascinates at the same time. The laws of real world are not valid in here. Here you are absolutely alone and it seems there are too many secrets to reveal... And this dreadful feeling as if somebody is constantly watching you.
What if you become filled with the nightmares and the only chance to save yourself are the memories - the only thing that connects you with the real world. The fragments from your real life are in danger so is your future! Protect the memories by any means, otherwise it's all over. "

"The laws of real world are not valid in here."
Anyone remembers Matrix and morpheus/god of dreams saying the exact same thing!?
Which proves for the numerous time that the movie matrix was the dreamworld which we connect to it wirelessly every night like neo did in matrix 2 and the real world is the dumpster planet that was shown in the first this very planet earth we humans let the owners create and then begged to go to sleep for ever as reality was unlivable! And then like in the attic of the dollhouse series the moon will have billions of supercomputers running at max speed 24/7!

What was mind blowing in this game there was a level where while my body was sleeping on a bed reptilian clowns(like the ones from stephen king "it" movie) were coming to destroy/erase my memories!
Any one remembers an older post i made quoting mainstream scientists who said "our brain regulates what memories to keep and what to throw away in sleep!"

And in that game you have to kill those lunar clowns before they destroy your memories. Another fascinating thing is that those memories if they don't get completely erased/destroyed they get rebuild/restored back to their original form!

In the it trailer of stephen king the reptilian clown's face was shown on our moon sending an a amazing message our way and the relation and secret meaning luna parks have with our moon as ghrees revealed to us.

I had came a cross a picture of the clown of mcdonalds and noticed something that gave him away of being a reptilian dressed as clown like the clown of stephen king.
I just saw a pic of the clown of stephen king and to my amazement he has the same exact signs that can give him away as a reptilian like the mcdonalds clown!

Here's a pic of the stephen king's clown
[link to randomtidbitsofthought.files.wordpress.com]

And here's a pic of the mcdonalds clown
[link to coolspotters.com]

Pay attention on their lower eyelids!
Thats the sign of the reptilian eye!

Not to mention their mouths are covered in red which symbolizes blood and that they are blood drinking lizards!

The sigma team/S team/Snake team developer of the clown game give themselves away as a reptilian team as the S is a snake symbol(see superman/s man/snakeman), plus the zombie shooter i played not too long ago had this propaganda at then end "that humanity is sick and the zombie virus their cure" and made the big boss/maker of that virus look like a good guy trying to cure humanity lol!

Remember when i mentioned that our owners create the problems so the masses accept their solution/change which is far worse than the problem they have created.

This strategy was also mentioned by politicians in the media saying we can take advantage of our fucked economy to pass new laws and measures we couldn't do before(as the masses would have hung us on the streets).

Similar strategy is the good bad cop where the bad cop makes you to hate him so much so when his partner/good cop shows up you'll see him as your friend and savior to whom you'll tell everything.(Explained better by prisoner loki from avengers).

Similar strategy is the good god and evil devil, where what the devil does is make the sheeple run into his partner's slaughterhouse to get saved/served for dinner.
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