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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Post Content
Canada for ghrees you say "ghrees for life" but you show appreciation to snakes who come here with sole purpose to attack the op and ghrees!
They sure don't show appreciation for the things they learned here and from ghrees and like ghrees says what you give is what you get and since they don't show appreciation they shouldn't receive any but the exact opposite as this is what they do!
Plus any good intel they might give is to gain credibility and peoples trust so they can be more believable liars on their pathetic lunar mission to discredit important threads!
The funny thing with shills like the indian guy is that they use intel from the very thread they attack to gain credibility!!!
Its like when someone steals your idea change a letter or 2 and present it as his then instead of showing appreciation like you did to him like a snake turns around and bites the hand that fed it!

Yeah you are right....that is why I said he was slow....or an agent indeed

I couldnt understand how he didnt grasp it sooner, and still is unappreciative...
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