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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I just want to thank India dude for pointing me in the right direction with some vital material

other than that I never thought India dude was a shill, just slow in some regards...but none the less a legit person who just wants the truth

I wont get into this who is the shill game, I am here to learn and share new info to help others

 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 27125759

To save the readers of this thread and the op from reading through draconian filthy sewage posts to find the part that is helpful can you post the vital material you talk about?

Is it about the soul hunters?

Which to my excitement yesterday by using the search button i found many posts on this thread talking about soul hunters months before that indian lunar possessed puppet and filthy mouth showed up.

On page 30 the op talks about the hellhounds/soul hunters which you also recently posted in your videos and named them soul hunters!

Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 30)

I was surfing glp and came across this religious zombie.
I post his thread here for the viewers here to take notice the damage/sickness religions cause to the human minds.
Thread: The Return of the Queen of Heaven Part I

the guys's signature says this
"1Ki 19:4 But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a broom tree, and prayed that he might die, and said, “It is enough! Now, YAHUWAH, take my life, for I am no better than my fathers!”"

Now for those of you that have seen the movie the book of eli/lie and remember the part where the bad guy said "that book is a weapon aimed right at the hearts and minds of the weak and desperate, it will give us control on them etc" you can only feel sorry for the sheep/victims of draconian religions begging for their slaughter and their second death that awaits them after they lose their bodies.

I just remembered another hollywood movie with some badass subliminal messages Jonax Hex!

This guy could reattach the souls to their old bodies temporarily and also kill the souls while he had them/second death! But the most interesting part where they showed us the dangers that awaits the souls when they exit their bodies was in this dialogue.

-Dirt likes dead, dead likes dirt.
Simple as that.
-Hey, wait.
What is that sound?
-Oh, them?
Them's likely hellhounds.
Reckon they smell fresh meat.
Waiting for you for when I let you go,

no doubt.
-No. No.
-I wouldn't try to pet them if I was you.
(i googled hellhounds and i found pics of Cerberus! the dog with 3 heads that keeps the souls to hades in ancient literature)

I realized after i read Plutarch when he said that after death our soul is like a caged bird that has been released that since there's too many dangers outside the cage that cage/our body can also act as a protection, and also truman cash said that the souls when outside their human bodies can be easily captured with draconian technology.

And i just remembered an interesting dialogue from skyrim where there was a mission i had to bring a priest to a demon that was talking to me through a draconian looking black statue, after i brought the priest to him he trapped him in a cage and had me torture him until he says he submits his soul to the demon, then the demon told me to kill him, after i did this is what the demon said.
"Now i have a soul in oblivion that needs claiming, take care of the house while i'm gone,ha ha ha"

oh yeah i found the video on youtube too skip to 4:50

what i learned from this is these lunar agents can't get our souls while we're alive in a body but when we lose our bodies that's when the real problems start! that's why i tell people to live as much they can and get as much informed/armed they can so when their time comes and the cage opens you'll come out as punisher ready for revenge and not like a sheep ready for slaughter, i like to give this parallelism, the cat waits for a mouse to come out of the hole but suddenly the whole wall cracks open a giant comes out and eats the cat! that's how i wanna exit my body and squeeze the life out of my demons that will be waiting for me on the other side!

also lunar agent franz bardon in his book "initiation into hermetics" had said that on the astral plane there's magicians that like to take advantage of the naive and ignorants. that was the only excerpt from his whole book where you could become alert of any danger that might exist on the next dimension.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1512971

Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 32)

"Amazing post, also that ball of light reminds me the ball of light in the movie aliens and cowboys which also looked a lot like the moon light which i think plays a big role too in the soul dimension.
As about aliens abducting people and return them to their home man this shit is going on for thousand of years, you'll take notice as you progress on raymond drake's book, i was laughing today when i read the testimonies of ancient religious people describing events of people after they died their house was covered by a big bright light and their soul was picked up by angels/aliens/demons and taken to heaven/moon. And it also reminded a famous story of christianity with the 40 martyrs in Rome where while they were dying angels/lunar agents were waiting for them in the sky holding a crown/dog leash to take them to heaven.
Now if i hear this story again from christians i'm gonna roflmao in front of them with their stupidity as i'll be trying to put some common sense into their brains."


Canada for ghrees you say "ghrees for life" but you show appreciation to snakes who come here with sole purpose to attack the op and ghrees!
They sure don't show appreciation for the things they learned here and from ghrees and like ghrees says what you give is what you get and since they don't show appreciation they shouldn't receive any but the exact opposite as this is what they do!
Plus any good intel they might give is to gain credibility and peoples trust so they can be more believable liars on their pathetic lunar mission to discredit important threads!
The funny thing with shills like the indian guy is that they use intel from the very thread they attack to gain credibility!!!
Its like when someone steals your idea change a letter or 2 and present it as his then instead of showing appreciation like you did to him like a snake turns around and bites the hand that fed it!

As you read more on page 32 you'll find the op quoting the demons/soul hunters from the movie ghost with demi moore and also posting the cutscene from it!

This idea is false cause everything is connected in the universe and circulates, circulation=health just like the water that moves is clean the water that sits on its ass gathers all kinds of bacteria toxins viruses etc.
So your philosophy says everybody should stay in his place sit on his ass and gather toxins just like the sitting water.
And by the way everything is alive in the universal organism just like everything is alive inside your body did you know that matter gives birth to matter? archaeologists that have found ancient metals they could see having grown on them small metal pimples meaning this metal was growing just like the soil and our planet is growing. When archaeologists dig out ancient cities they measure their age by how much deep they're buried, if i remember good if it's buried 1 meter deep equals 200 years of age. so the earth every 200 hundred years grows 1 meter.
Also about this religious belief that you were created(meaning you didn't always existed) this thread opens a can of whoopass to this false belief.

And by the way i would never allow a buddhist monk or any other draconian mongol chinese hybrid to advise me or guide me after death cause it would be the same thing as asking from your murderer's buddies for help or trusting your most valuable asset to a thief.

Also people take note of scientology's smart tactics of trapping their victims.
Don't go to the light! yeah now that i got your trust do this: Go to the dark door behind you!

Oh yeah and who can guarantees me that this door is safe and with what evidence?
Probably by black door they meant the black shadows from the movie the ghost with demi moore where the demons were hiding and captured the soul of the bad guy.
Here's the final scene of the movie ghost right before that was the scene where the demons that were hiding in the shadows captured the bad guy.

If you pay close attention towards the end as he walks towards the light you'll see many people/ghosts/lunar agents waiting for him and as he approaches them at 4:10 he turns right and something is sticking out of his back like the ghost that approached him from the right stabbed him and then he kinda looked as he was shaking like he was getting zapped!
Got to watch that movie again in HD!
Also note people what a beautiful romantic music the hollywood bastards directors were playing in the background! that's how they brainwash/program the masses to do whatever they want them to do! it looks good it sounds good it feels good it must be good right? NOT!!! Why rush it people take a walk around earth and see all the things you missed you may actually find yourself that you don't need to go to any freaking light! Let's hope we're able survive more than 60 seconds lol.

Questioning researching and using some common sense is the ultimate way for finding the true exit of the labyrinth we're all trapped in, i would love to find a way to kill the Minotaur/moon on my way out too just like Theseus did only difference Theseus entered the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur he wasn't lured and captured :) but he had a sad ending too later down the road for trusting an evil bastard who was pretending to be his friend then pushed him down a cliff to meet his death.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1512971


Folks, what about wandering spirits and ghosts? There are numerous of souls that are wandering on the plane that we reside in. Tell me why they aren't "captured."
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9455272


I've read in ancient literature numerous ancient philosophers mathematicians scientists etc saying that our planet is flooded with evil souls/lunar agents/demons and if you make it past the moon(in reality exit our solar system) it'll be heaven cause no evil souls can survive past that(meaning they get captured and punished by the cosmic antibodies)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1512971

On those old pages you'll also find chameleon lunar agent 892 who was licking the Op's behind for 60 pages until the right moment where he would have gained the trust of most readers show his true colors and pull the plug on this thread discrediting everything and above all the best source one can find online GHREES!

I can flood this post with evidence about the soul hunters which the op/i was calling lunar agents demons and draconians of the soul dimension but the above evidence is enough to deliver a final ko blow to the retarded indian shill who attempts to ridicule an amazing thread like this and the best source one can find online ghrees with cheep draconian tricks.

He might show up in 2 months from now talking about "lunar traps"(change the name from soul traps to lunar traps) and then attack the op this thread and ghrees that they hide this intel and don't want people to know that they're agents and that he's here to help not on a lunar mission to infiltrate threads of vital importance and destroy them from within like a "5th column agent!", a strategy 892 attempted and failed miserably!
This is also a hebrew mongolian strategy of infiltrating groups and threads accusing others for what you are so you lower the suspicion of people around you taking notice the draconian shill you try to hide!

I wouldn't waste my time talking about exposed defeated shills "canada for ghrees" but on your last post you expressed great ignorance on the enemy/draconian puppets and i felt obligated to inform you about them as i have exposed their strategy countless times on this thread.



 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23562617

I went to watch again the cutscene with the shadow demons/soul hunters of the movie ghost and to my astonishment the video was deleted!

But here i found the last one i think thats on youtube lol!

Skip to 1:30 but as you'll continue see in the movie watching past the scene with the amateur soul hunters/shadow ugly demons (which if you see you'll know immediately/!common sense! to stay the hell away from them) you'll see something far more dangerous and capable of catching billions of souls by not needing to move a single finger!
"You catch more flies with honey and the fisherman catches more fish with light! at night".

Also those demons/shadow soul hunters are far more dangerous when they take the form/appearence of your dead loved ones like the op countless times have warned the readers of this thread since the first days of this thread! as then they don't even have to hunt you, you'll simply run to them smiling happy!

"Your worst enemy is the one that has deceived you to see as a friend lover god creator etc."!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23562617

Messed up on the embedding lol, it should be good now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23562617

To the readers who jump to the last pages of this thread without going through all the pages it became obvious on the last posts that they're missing out big time!

Not only that but it gives the lunar agents who monitor this thread and study its every page so they plan their strategy accordingly to steal the intel and present it as theirs and then turn around and blame the op and ghrees that they're hiding it rofl!

The shills might say they go away but THEY NEVER DO! they might not post here for some time but always monitor this thread and prime example is 892 who said he is never coming back and when he showed up again after he had read all the pages from the time he left to the time he showed up back used those posts as his strategy to turn the readers of this thread against each other!
While the lunar possessed indian shill's filthy mouth is on foam extraction mode since he showed up trying relentlessly to turn this thread into a rooster fighting show!

I bet they enjoy talking to themselves!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23562617


This puts the final nail on the shills coffin exposing the crap out of them and their blatant lies!

Since they flood this thread with their lunatic filthy posts where it becomes obvious they're on foam extraction mode i will simply keep bumping posts like this so every new reader becomes immediately aware the kind of shills and lunar remote control zombies they are... on foam extraction mode!
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