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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
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This is a friends post

(there are seven parts to this its the entire blog parts edited presented in still frames with music)

I have been doing reverse speaking for over 6 years and have never come across such congruent infomation as GH REES it fits in so many ways to what i have been discovering with my research. Obviously GH REES is has sum controversial infomation but as you will see in my reverse alot of which was done prior to me being exposed to gh rees infomation is convergent and very relavant, the vids go in progression from most current infomation to pre exposure to ghrees info there is also two articles written on the cosmology of my impressions of 6 years of reverse speaking compressed in this it will become obvious that GH REEs and my reverse speaking impressions are converging on the truth that we live in a world full of lies and predatory 4th dimensional parasitic eneities that control the very essenc of our society from money government the church(and all relgions) and that we have be subjegated to mere trading comodities. The very real threat of the chinese is also bleeding thru in my reverse please take the time to review my infomation and make the nessary arrangments to do sumthing to stand up agisnt this subversive cancer.
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