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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

In this second trailer i only caught one thing but it was dragon size big lol.

The dragon gate is shown at the end of the trailer in a very clever way, pay attention to the light in the tunnel in the sky at 1:49 and then the screen types in big black letters "Dragon Gate", sending a clear message to the ones who can see when you go to the light you'll be crossing the dragon gate entering the kingdom of the dead which was also shown in the darksiders 2 as a map having the shape of a chinese dragon.

Also that light in the cloud tunnel looks also and like a sun, anyone remembers the ancient myth of Icarus where Daedalus advised him to stay away from the sun?

Its mind blowing to think that me too few years ago if i died then i would go to the light thinking thats where jesus and beautiful good angels are only to find fucking snakes waiting like crocodiles and my second death!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120

I saw that movie flying sword of the dragon gate few days ago and there were many more interesting things in it.

In the beginning where the corrupted emperors were going to execute some of its soldiers we learned that the chinese are indeed human eaters/cannibals!

-Minister of Five Armies! Step forward!
-Can Qianzhi,
Minister of Five Armies, reporting
-You are a master of treachery!
You hid your plot
behind two fifth-grade officials!
Behind your smooth talk, you're a plotter!
Sorry, but I must undo your hard work
Time to taste some pickled body-parts!
Cut off his tongue!


"chinese eat baby soup"
[link to www.google.com (secure)]

"china makes energy pills out of dead babies"
[link to www.google.com (secure)]

If the links don't show up google the titles!
Ghrees has also posted on their blog videos and pictures from Vietnamese forums where the chinese and their bastard sons mongols slaughter their neighbors and daughters then barbecue and eat them!

Funny thing on one video and pictures post where the chinese were cutting apart a dead man to eat him one guy posted in the comments "i thought it was for medical experiments then i saw the barbecue grill and was like OMG!"

In that movie later you'll see that the chinese "LOVE WHITE MEAT!"
Its also written in the bible that after the 200 million chinese soldiers genocide the planet they will get drunk on the dead's blood and flesh!
And i can only imagine what happened to the ancient whites in china where they got genocide by the chinese, their wives raped and from this atrocities the mongol(yellow white) race was born!
Thread: The Chinese Genocide the Ancient Whites in china! History will repeat itself unless...

-And who are you in West Bureau?
-Yu Huatian
-And you are ...?
-I'm the nemesis of both bureaux
Zhao Huai'an

Jet li when he showed up to punish and kill the corrupted emperors (like Odysseus slaughtered the suitors when he returned to his kingdom), he told them "i'm your nemesis!"
which just proved that the lizards are well aware that nemesis is justice and take note how they went out of their way to demonize nemesis on the anime saber rider and the star sheriffs where they were promoting the union of all countries to face the alien threat/nemesis who was coming to punish the criminals and blew up the moon too on the last episodes!
Like i said before "for the criminals their punisher is the bad guy!"

An older post that fits to be placed here.
Found this on your channel canada for ghrees.

At 0:28 thats how the draconian scums and their human worshipers and puppets on earth will be when he shows up!

At 0:34 all lunar possessed puppets in foam extraction mode!

Its even more amazing that you captured their face expression sweating in fear and put it at the end of the video!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120

-Sir, what's wrong?
-Who do you think we are?
You give us white meat?
-White meat?
-What is white meat?
Why are they are so angry?
-New customers get white meat
-What is it?
-Human Flesh
It's from people who used the inn's chopsticks.

Here we have more references of the sick cannibals the dragon's race is!

Another interesting subliminal message i noticed when one lady mentioned the words "dragon gate" she opened a secret entrance to some giant underground tunnels!

From the trailer and this movie one can figure out if capable enough what ghrees has informed us and is also mentioned in the draconian lacerta files that the draconians live in the sky/moon and in the massive underground caves of earth!
The videogame gears of war gave us also a good look of how massive in size those underground caves are and who lives there!
Where ghrees also informed us the reason the draconians placed themselves there too was to cut communications between the earthlings on the surface of the planet with their ancient brothers who escaped to the inner earth from the poles when our planet fell to draconian rulership at 13,500 bc.
See myth of zeus/lunar god who defeated the titans and trapped them inside the earth!

-We've brought the steles
from Black Water City
-What does the inscription read?
-Your Highness,
the inscription is in Xixia characters
After years of wind and sand erosion
Only four words are legible:
dragon, gate, fly, cycle
-The full inscription on the steles
should be read in reverse, giving us
"Come / Cycle / Fly / Swirl / Dragon"
"Sand / Sea / Dedicate / God / Gate"
"Come Cycle " indicates a cycle of 60 years
Fly Swirl Dragon is the black sandstorm
"God Gate" is the entrance of the Xixia Palace

Connect the dots man and here it verifies my older post quoting the trailer that the dragon gate is the lunar god's gate to heaven/slaughterhouse!
I can't believe they actually said it that dragon gate is the god's gate! And thus GOD=DRAGON!!!
The number of jesus is 888 and is also the number of the dragon's race and the chinese dragon 888!
China's olympics were made on 8/8/08! and their olympic stadium had the shape of a reptilian eye!

From the above dialogue one can also figure out "fly to the dragon gate/heaven/god's gate and get recycled!"

Thread: Yahweh is A Reptilian?
This link contains biblical evidence that yahweh is a reptilian! And seraphim=fiery flying serpents!

Next the movie gave away that the chinese are hybrid lizards to the ones who have seen the V series and the draconian queen's Ana unique abilities to smell things no one else can.
When one lizard was ordered to drink a cup of wine which could contain poison he was able to notice it had poison by simply smelling it from small distance!

-In case of danger, hide yourself well
If that doesn't work
Find a good family in your next life.

Here the lizards inform us of life after death but if you go to the dragon gate/heaven it will not be you the one who will decide where to reincarnate nor you'll be keeping your memories!
See older posts quoting the bible where the lunar god/yahweh will erase all sheeples memories who will enter heaven!(dragon gate)

Then the movie show a scene where the black storm was coming, behind the clouds it looked there was a giant ufo mothership which of course it could be the one that was manipulating the weather.
Identical scene was shown in a russian news video of a giant circular ufo hiding behind the clouds.

-Yu Huatian
You dare to fight me
inside the swirling dragon?

Here i found interesting that the chinese calling the hurricanes and sand storms swirling dragons. Probably cause most of them are being caused by the draconian weather manipulation technology.(see haarp etc)

Lastly that movie showed us "the deadliest assassin!" the one i have warned you guys countless of times. The one who fools you to see him as your friend/lover/creator/god etc.

Pay attention how easily she could have slaughtered jet li like a sheep, how badass warriors can die defenseless without having a chance to fight on the hands of smart criminal lizards!
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