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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
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ya that's right everybody works against the universal policy, everybody is an agent, lol is that what any of you can come up with? like a battering bunch of idiots... ur an agent ur an agent, im just waiting to hear the famous words here, which none of you will present it? I haven't seen the word shill seems to be imprinted into your controlled hybridized minds... shill...he he you guys must be infatuated with Jewel, I guess it must be hard for you to accept a woman who is in your face honest and to the point...as for "Jim e grand stand" say what you want about her, you have already proved to be an embarrassment to GHREES because of the level of racism you have put forth on face book against the black race and also the hybrid races indians etc...you have made it so that people question ghrees views on racism even more when there is already pressure from individuals who will not even look at the science because of your slanderous comments about the other races who the so-called white race are to help and assist, im sure you can remember me as I used to be a friend on your face book who you deleted because of you childish rants against black people.
 Quoting: HERA

Sounds like you're the one who is infatuated with her, lol..

Here's some famous words for you "Game Over!"

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18833274

you can lead a horse to water you cant make them drink ...

Racist . Oh nooooooo . Nevermind the racism towards me ...

arent we all embarassments ?

Level of racism ... yeah like it isnt a reflection of their own towards me ? LOL help them ... THEY CANT BE HELPED


a friend until you started calling mke a faggot and other names .... which I wouldnt stand for ... cuz i thought you were above it ... but clearly not, just another woman..

rants against black people ... LOL

sorry if all the rapes and murders has gotten under my skin ...

what a joke. you people are a joke. and more the reason to not be around me and I not be around you .

I discredit G H REES and make people not want to research more... yeah I single handedly destoryed everything ... nevermind the real criminals ...


If people are so fucking lame as to yell RACISM at everything then fuck them. They wouldnt get the truth in the first place.

And if im such an embarassment I quit .
Yea shout for joy .
Dunno why i even bothered in the first place

Maybe there are still some who want to keep researching ...
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