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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh man i wish i had time to quote the dark knight rises i saw yesterday, mind blowing intel!

From the new york city getting nuked in 5 months from july that the movie was released which is this very december 2012 then war/ww3 ignites as batman himself claimed to the bottomless pit/lunar prison where the souls get tortured to death/amnesia and only as kids/babies/erased can come out of!

It also reminded me what ancient philosophers like plutarch said and it was also shown in darksiders 2 that the souls who go to the moon(kingdom of the dead) get tortured before reincarnation!
And it was also mentioned in darksiders that strong souls can still escape even after they have been caught and thats why in the movie "the sorcerer and the white snake" lunar puppet jet li told to the demons/souls he captured "accept your punishment with humility!" as he would be sweating in cold fear to see the souls he captured raising hell in his master's brothel house!

Also note jet li's master/lunar god budha/juda/jade/sin/sion/sentai/jedai/yaheweh etc statue was shown inside the building of total recall(located at stairway to heaven!) and also cleverly posted pics of the moon itself were placed right next to the dollhouse/mind fuck chair!

Not to mention the memory erasing business were run solely by the draconians and it was also mentioned in the dark knight rises that "the clean slate weapon" is the greatest tool for a thief/space bandits/draconians!!!
The sheeples' gods!

And we can see easily what you can do with a clean slate weapon, turn whole planets into sheep pens!
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