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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 27125759

Another awesome set of videos!

In the first i found interesting on how the hybrid lizards accuse nemesis of the crimes their own draconian masters commit!
Great truth they reveal to us in their pathetic attempt to demonize justice.

From the first video
"Their personal existence is bleak, as is their home dimension. They have squandered all the resources on their home planet, forcing them to move to an artificial planet. The Outriders' goal is to conquer mankind and control the universe unhindered—they think the human dimension has much more to offer than their own."

Is that what the draconians are after? like a virus main goal is to spread and take over the whole organism/host!

When they said "the human dimension has much more to offer than their own" it made me so excited as this is what i suspected and said in previous posts on this thread.
After i read from franz bardon "the earth dimension might be lowest but its the one with the most secrets that no one to this day knows them all" and from ghrees that "this dimension is the most dense" where more dense can also mean more solid more vivid more real like comparing a metal to plastic etc.

I realized that this dimension might be the best one to live from all the parallel ones where the ones who remember/know live like kings and the ones who forget like slaves!

"The educated differs from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead!"

And we're not talking here about the current crappy earthly school education but education that has become forbidden on this planet, stolen from the ancient destroyed libraries and locked away in basements in vatican in israel in monasteries etc.
Where the monks study those ancient books gain wisdom and instead of giving credit to our ancestors claim that it was their lunar god who gave them wisdom!

On the second video you did an amazing job exposing the hybrid lizards of the sick cannibals they are eating their own babies!(just like mantis who eats her partner after intercourse and identical thing draconian queen ana did in the v series and its hilarious in the movie expendables 2 the russain guy was calling chinese actor jet li insect!)
And from the movie flying swords of dragon gate we learned that they love white meat where when they take over the planet the fema camps for the whites and blacks will be a butcher's house the farm where they'll be getting their meat and blood/drinks from.

On the third video that it was about spiders i found hilarious in the comments section shills showed up attacking ghreess while the video wasn't about ghrees, when you tried to explain it they gave your comment so many negatives that it's not shown anymore.

Its interesting how the shills work together man where they never attack their prey alone but in packs like hyenas!
Another prime example of how shills operate is in this very thread! Pay attention of how they abandon the thread together back in page 74 and show up together 20 pages later.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120

I forgot to add when quoting the first video the most amazing intel from the saber rider anime which i had mentioned before on this thread.

Outriders who are shot or killed in the vapor(soul) dimension will turn to human.

Which means our date of birth in this dimension is our date of death in the soul dimension!

Also ancient philosophers and scientists like plato etc had mentioned of the human body to be the grave of our soul.
But i also look at it and as the egg from which the destroyed/erased soul gets a new form to live again!
And fly again in hopes it doesn't get caught again on the spider's web like a fly!(repeat the same mistakes, but if it doesn't remember previous f*ck ups it most likely will repeat them).
Note in the cell breach video i had posted not too long ago it was said that the immune system immediately notices and attacks the disease cause it "remembers" it!
As we notice to "remember" is by far the most important!

On your last video about spiders i forgot to mention something very interesting i noticed on the clothing of lilith/medusa/persephone from darksiders 2 game. She had on her a spider skull and legs symbol on both of her legs which also reminded me the draconian queen ana from the v series where when the new queen was born she was looking like a mantis! Which puts me in suspicion, are the leaders/kings queens of the draconians/lizards insects?

Also i have exposed before the spaceship of startrek movies and series to have the look of a face and arms of mantis!

And funny thing is alien spaceships of mantis beings were mentioned in the movie i saw yesterday "race to witch mountain" where the human said to stay the hell away from them as they will rip and eat your flesh viciously.

Truman cash had also mentioned the mantis entities that play a big part in the soul traps and mind control and also i have read many ndes mentioning the mantis beings as holy and divine!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120

Thanks for remembering and being smart

I will soon be making a video series on Cross Species Genetics....this is IN OUR FACE ... but picking up on it can be tricky at first

I have much work to do, but I have my puzzle pieces, and you guys will very much njoy iy.

and i thank you again guys for sharing what you know and helping me progress and REMEMBER!


you guys are awesome :)
 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 27125759

Thank you too man, i've checked your youtube channel and what you do is amazing!
I believe your videos are reaching out to more people than threads like this do so you're helping big time informing the masses!

About cross species, worth looking at the spider goat that produces spider web and miracle mouse which can grow limbs even a heart if i remember correctly. The also explained about the spider goat why it doesn't look half spider half goat was that they gave him only the genes of the spider that produce the web, if they gave him more we'll have an abomination we see in movies video games and ancient mythology!
And its funny when i was a kid the teachers told me that half horse half man that are being described in mythology is pure myth and fantasy!

It's A Miracle-Mice Regrow Hearts
[link to rense.com]
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