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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I saw the movie "red lights" last night and right from the start i predicted what was this movie's agenda which was similar to the "sorcerer and the white snake" agenda.
The movie started ridiculing paranormal activity and powers(powers not yet known to man and lunar technology) and the main actor himself went out of his way to say "telepathy doesn't exist" and at the end of the movie the very person who was against paranormal powers and was ridiculing it by attacking famous scammers turned out to be a person with paranormal powers/tuned to the lunar machines(see movie dark city to understand better).

Same strategy was done in the sorcerer's movie where jet li was against hybrids and demons and at the end he became friends with them. I believe this strategy works wonders on turning and bending the minds of the viewers in the direction you want where in the beginning you become their role model of what they stand for and then simply pull the plug at the right time to make them feel they're wrong like you were(you were never felt to be wrong you simply pretended to be on their side to gain their trust manipulate their minds and at the end bring them to your side!)

I keep rofl man when i remember of how similar the shills i exposed on this thread operated and some of them still do!

In the movie red lights i found hilarious where when they exposed a fake artist that was curing sick people it was based on a real story that had actually happened!

At 2:50 what his wife told him over his earphone was also included in the movie and the way a fake artist was exposed was identical to the above video.

Now here's some amazing intel from that movie.

-Okay, so he's
here with his sister, Maria,
and his mother... Just hang on...
Richard, don't be afraid.
Dorina and Maria aren't afraid.
Listen to them.(your dead loved ones)
They want you
to come to the light.

[woman on radio] Watch out, Leo!
Don'!- don't get in line with the...(soul catcher weapon lol!)

Holy molly here man they just played one of the ways the draconians capture us after death!
And that is by taking the forms of our dead loved ones they don't even have to hunt us we simply step into their slaughterhouse and soul traps!

Also pay attention the moment he said come to the light something bad happened!
There was some amazing symbolism in that movie man and this part was the most amazing!

-We dream 27 times a night.
An intricate neurological
protection mechanism
which makes us forget.

I was aware of the multiple dreams we have in a single night but 27 holy shit! And did he just secretly meant in the above that is cause of our dreams we forget our past???
Cause the reason its hard to remember our dreams is cause they get played on our ram(short memory) without passing through our hard drive(long memory) according to scientific articles i've read which also said that its during sleep our brain regulates what memories to keep and what to throw away!

And to remind an ex psychiatrist's video i had posted few pages ago exposing psychiatry and mind control, he had mentioned the different ways secret services like cia can erase our memories and write a new identity, one of them was they put you to sleep with drugs for almost a week and play recordings/dreams in your brain which overwrites your current personality and makes you forget it.

And this adds more credibility to the suspicion that our dreams not only program us but also make us forget more than just the dream!

-What protects you?
A line of salt?

I found interesting here that the actor had placed a line of salt to protect himself from an old possessed man who was sitting outside the door, as back in the day i had watched an interview of someone who was exposing satanic rituals then later he turned out to be a satanist(ghrees exposed the crap out of him/toulatos was his name) he said that during satanic rituals if you carry with you sea salt you ruin the whole ritual as demons can't manifest themselves due to the salt you carry.
If according to ghrees the demons and angels who show up at rituals are lunar holograms then his salt i doubt would be much of a use.

-From the time of ancient
Greece to the present day,
philosophers and scholars
have argued
man is essentially rational.
I don't happen to agree.
If one observes and
studies another person
without having first
studied oneself,
how do we know whether our
instruments are appropriately set?
How do we know we are reliable?
We have no proof.

If i was the script writer i would have him continue and say.

-Ah crap shot myself on the foot with what i just said as i forgot to take notice they were also saying "Know thyself!"

Also similar pathetic attempts to manipulate the viewers minds and poison them with cancerous advices were made in total recall by the suppose good guy!

-The past is a construct of the mind.
It blinds us.
It fools us into believing it.
But the heart...(he forgot to sing us the song listen to your heart like men listen to their d*cks)

I would say to that old snake spewing its poison, your past blinds you? lets erase it for you, dont forget to thank us!
Then his face expression sweating in cold fear would be just priceless!
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