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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I saw the movie looper few days ago and holly shit man with what i took notice!

In the intro the Os from the word looper look like halos/leash and the symbolism of looper is of the lunar agents that wait for us in the soul dimension to kill our soul steal the energy it carries(in the movie the looper steals the gold or silver you carry) then take your soul body and throw it into the oven for recycle/reincarnation(in the movie its called closing the loop!) Anyone remembers the oven of lunar agent john lear describing it as where the soul gets created and lives forever after. Pay attention to the oven in the looper!

Also i found interesting on the cold fear the lunar boss had when a soul would escape and roam around free saying "every second that passes is bad."

-Have you heard of the Rainmaker?
-Yeah, Seth said... that night.
A new boss from the future,
he used the words 'holy terror'.
-Yeah, the reign of terror.
Mass executions,
vagrant purges, everywhere at once.
Legend is that the Rainmaker
came out of nowhere.
In the span of six months, he took total
control of the five major syndicates.

The rainmaker is that guy from the zodiac cycles and is the one who replaces the fishes/jesus and the christianity's priest are calling him the antichrist/satan.
They say the antichrist will be born from a whore and i found interesting in the movie the mother of baby rainmaker was a whore! It wasn't made obvious but from one of her dialogues one could take notice.

-I abandoned him.
I abandoned my baby.
And I've seen so many men in the city.

Now we're gonna make the connection that the rainmaker and jesus is the same person. Jesus favorite number and the total of his greek name Ihsous is 888!
China's favorite number and number of the dragon/satan is 888!
The rainmaker took over the world from china which means "china took over the world!!!"
Pay attention on the references to mass executions/genocides holy terror! Anyone remember ghrees warnings that the chinese will genocide everyone on this planet and that is also mentioned in the draconian bible?

The number 888 was also mentioned in this very movie in the dialogue between the rainmaker and his whore mother.

-You have 32 there,
I know you know this one.
No. Eight times three is what?
-Eight times three is what?
-I want you to count three eights.

And i almost missed that man! the rainmaker and the 3 8s!

And here's the most mind blowing part of the movie.

-I'm going to France.
-You should go to China.
-I'm going to France.
-I'm from the future,
you should go to China.

The boss who came from the future was insisting telling his favorite guy to go to china instead of europe implying something really bad would happen to all other countries except china!

Anyone remembers the movie 2012 where all the elite/rich fat f*cks etc were all moving to china when the shit hit the fan!

But ghrees has informed us that the ghost cities in china built for the elite who will escape to china when the shit hits the fan is for their quick and easy final extermination!

Like ex kgb Yuri bezmenov has said when the shill's traitors' etc job is done and are not needed anymore they got to go "they know too much!"
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