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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Makes sense, the soul traps and soul hunters guarding the grid fence....guarding the BORDER to our freedom

FREE DOME , Free head.

The "LAB" (as in Laboratory) agenda that is an integral
part of the twin "LABRYS/LABYRINTH" term, in a most
stunning manner matches the oldest "Name of God" in
the Old Testament -ALHIM- (this is the "God" that is
named as Creator in Genesis, while the other "name"
as "YHWH" -or "JHVH"-, is merely the 4 letter genetic
code formula -now in science labeled "ACTG"-), which
some incorrectly render as "Elohim"; this expression
is actually Plural -Alhim/Elohim-, it means "The Gods".
Once again of course, in Islam the "Name of God" bears
exactly the same origin -ALLAH-, also like ALHIM a 5
letter word. In other "religions" of the far past, the
same exact name-origin was rendered as "BAL", this
the 'other side' of the story, from which ultimately the
"BABEL" and "BABYLON" themes were derived. In the
S. Kubrick film "2001 Space Odyseey" Arthur C. Clarke's
script irrefutably shows the key to the whole "evolution"
saga as described succinctly, by naming the computer
gone-sentient... "HAL" (moving 1 space up the alphabet
it becomes "IBM"), another case of spilling the beans ! :

("INRI" the sign supposedly Gov. Pontius Pilate placed on top of
"Jesus" Cross, in 1st. cover-reading meaning "King of the Jews")

(forward) LAB ~~~ LABRYS ~~~ LABYRINTH
(reverse) BAL ~~~ BABEL ~~~ BABYLON

In other words, it might be that the last days of Atlantis were about
these hybridizations gone wrong, and the knowledge of the Brain
Interdiction might have been generically preserved in the Egyptian
and then later Greek Mystery Schools under the theme of the Minos
monster at the center of the Labyrinth which Theseus has to go in
and kill using Ariadne's Thread (ARIADNE ~~~ ARIAN DNA), the
thread being the DNA itself, and a certain STRAND of it (ARIADNE
THREAD ~~~ DNA STRAND). Then at the same time there is this
parallel version of the same Brain Tampering, as the LABRYS double
axe (nowadays a symbol for the Lesbian movement, interesting if we
consider the "Orion Queens" lore of antiquity), an image that also
befits the "Alpha & Omega" letters Round Shape; it seems as if the
"Alpha & Omega" cipher was a Linguistic equivalent for the prevalent
greek LABRYS...! (the letter Alpha written in reverse from left to right).

Furthermore, the successive conflagration during the Lemurian saga
& the later Atlantean saga (that for a while overlap in time it seems),
appear to involve the manipulation of PARALLEL TIMELINES until
they converged and self-imploded, beyond the classic Crystal Freq
Energy aspect usually commented upon, as derived of the control of
The Earth's Crystal Grids that at that time were still activated and
"manifested" as lightly different "material reality" between the 3D
and the 4D, in a higher vibrational frequency, this the famed age of
the old gods of mythology. The issue here being the "MERKABAH
SPIN" of the Parallel Timelines (determining its "direction"). Under
this scenario, some Timelines could run Backwards as to our present
direction, meaning that our own present Timeline Flow could very
well be an incorrect Merkabah flow, a "Reverse Time Loop", which
would account for the overall Negative Polarity, inherent Entropy,
and general disease ridden Dna's. When we look at the 1st & last
initials of that expression, we find that:


This implies that the origin of the term "REPTILE" may be related
to "those who come from the Reverse Time Loop", that the Human/
Nordic type may have a Merkabah Spin 4D flow in reverse direction
to the Reptilian Merkabah Spin.

This is a peculiarly eerie piece of data to ponder upon, as the Book
of Revelation/Apocalypse suggests a "REVERSE" meaning to the
word "Revelation" -usually rendered in sort as "REV"-. Moreover,
the crucial passage of "REV 13:18" yields the letters "M*R" for
the numbers "13*18", a clear pun to "MeR-kabah". In addition
to this follow the obsessive use of the letters "M*R" in the whole
"MaRy" (from MER, as "Sea" in french).

We may recall that there are "3 MARY's" in the New Testament,
Mary (Mother), Mary (Magdalen/mate, Mary (Contemplative), in
itself a clear fractal of the 3 Stars/3 Pyramids archetype. By this
one concludes that the letters "M*R" seriously point to the MeR-
kabah issue in a number of ways. As for ex the case of "RoMe",
or the later "MeRo-vech" legend -in fact the origin of european
royalty, nonetheless...!-. Not to mention the previous 'stopover'
agenda in... "MaRs". We may remember the Apollo landing on the
"MaRe Traquilitatis" on the Moon for the 1st time. Or we may
observe how the word "MaR-riage" follow a similarly highly
ritualistic linguistic obsession with the "M*R". The Rosicrucian
of present day are titled the "aMoRc", as "aMoR-e" is the latin
root expression for Love. Our deep sleep dream time is called
"ReM", while our computer memory is labeled "RaM". And all
business was for a long time known as "MeR-chant"s (so we still
widely used the "Merchandise" word), the new-born "Jesus" the
story says was offered "Gold/Incense/MyRh" by the 3 KINGS
who are nothing than the same "3 Stars/3 Pyramids"archetype
fractal, in Rev/Apoc the angel instructs the writer to bring & use
a "Measuring Rod" to measure The Temple, notice how the
word "leMuRia" contains the "M*R", etc etc etc. This entire
idea of "parallel TimeLines" and "Parallel Worlds" seems very
connected to the MERKABAH SPIN issue; in fact the word
"MiRror" itself shows that, in theology the concept of "MeRit",
the plentiful abundance is named "MyRiad", olverlords of a city
are called "MayoR", a "MaRtyr" is made an instant saint, we
solemnly say "MeRry Xmas" denoting happiness, and we could
go on forever. Yet... we must not forget how Britain's founding
provinces were 'As 1' called "MERCIA", from which -in secret-
the name for our "AMERICA" comes from (the official story so
convoluted it is laughable; that they "incorrectly" named the
explorer Americo Vespucci as Discoverer of the Americas-...!?...-
thus "America" from his name -I know..., preposterous-). The
overwhelming implication is that there is a consistent pattern
of naming really important things related to "Origin" out of the
"M*R" code; "MARS", "MARY", "MERCIA", "AMERICA", etc.,
a fact well known; I am only adding the crucial bit, that this has
to do with the "Reverse MERkabah Spin", and the origin of
Parallel Timelines and Parallel Worlds. Therefore the crucial
REV 13:18 Verse (M=13, R=18); where the the Beast is said to
be "The Beast that Was, Is Not, but Will Come out of the Abyss"
-i.e. the Reverse Time Loop, the Mirror Matrix).
 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 27125759

Great intel, i have to remind though what ghrees said that travel back in time is a lunatic theory as not only you have to make yourself go back in time but the whole universe. And i understand this as since when a single bacteria/microorganism can cause the whole universal organism to go back in time?

A possible way to make the whole universe go back in time, go back to any past time you remember is by attempting what the cancerous disease try and that is to destroy the whole universe and then rebuild it the way you like. Did you like and "remember" also how it was few billion years ago? Simply you rebuild it that way and kazaam! you just traveled to the past/brought it back to life by changing things as you move forward!(and if you want the new babies to believe that you can travel back in time they'll simply believe it lol).

In the draconian tv series "kung fu the legend continues" it was shown what travel back in time really is and that is you simply access the memory of the past like accessing the akasha files etc and learn from the past to change the future!

Also for the ones who want to relive the past its a lot easier to rebuild it by remembering it than attempting lunatic theories of traveling back in time lol.

"A simple example:
-We had this party last weekend i wish i could go back in time to relive the fun.
-Why you don't call your friends and make a new identical party instead? Its a lot easier and guess what... possible!"

Also when i was reading lunar agent franz bardon back in the day he was teaching how to practice to remember vividly not only picture and sound but also taste emotions etc where if you learn to remember them as vivid as you lived them then you can relive the past(just your past) anytime you wish!

When i read about babylon in your post you reminded me what i learned from raymond drake's book "gods and spacemen" and that is the word babe derives from the word babel=babble=confused(babel means confused in hebrew too) and the word baby from babylon, and the reason we call the newborn babies is cause they act and behave the exact same way the babylonians did after the lunar galactic criminal erased their memories which also right there one can realize that before he was born he was erased!

And raymond drake also expressed his thoughts that the reason this spaceman/yahweh erased the memories of humans cause of fear they might surpass him in technology as he also mentioned in ancient literature there are references on humans getting together and coming up with plans to dethrone the gods!(similar to what the movie clash of the titans showed where the humans were fed up with the gods toying them around and decided to make a stand and dethrone them).

The tower of babel symbolized the level of technology of humanity where when it would reach the sky(see moon) that would mean that human technology became leveled/matched with the lunar technology and might also surpass it and that would mean big trouble to the draconians!

When you mentioned that rem is ram i wanna add more evidence that this is the case, as i've read scientific articles comparing the human brain to a computer with ram and hard drive and explaining the reason we don't remember our dreams is cause they are being played on our ram/rem!!!(short memory storage) without passing through our hard drive(long memory storage).

As about "reptile=reverse time loop" i have something more mind blowing which also proves/screams that this planet is under reptilian/serpent occupation.

Everybody on this planet speaks the truth when they say

We live in the present=!!!serpent!!!
(under draconian occupation and rulership)

and a visitor from another galaxy would assume earthlings understand what they speak, humans can't be so blind can they?
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