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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Connect the dots man and here it verifies my older post quoting the trailer that the dragon gate is the lunar god's gate to heaven/slaughterhouse!
I can't believe they actually said it that dragon gate is the god's gate! And thus GOD=DRAGON!!!
The number of jesus is 888 and is also the number of the dragon's race and the chinese dragon 888!
China's olympics were made on 8/8/08! and their olympic stadium had the shape of a reptilian eye!

 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 27125759


Thats something new i had caught few days ago.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120

I saw the intro to an old anime thundercats/lizardcats and found interesting that the enemy boss name was MUN-RA=MOON RA and had also the draconian symbol of 2 snakes looking each other on its chest same exact symbol priests carry on their scepter in christian orthodox churches.

mun ra
[link to www.google.com (secure)]

Thread: Greek orthodox christian leader Christodoulos and all bishops worship SATAN in the church!
[link to 4.bp.blogspot.com]

Another thing i took notice yesterday was in the word saint where if we use similar method i used before to decode and expose that cerebrum=cerberus


And to remind in ancient religions like in ancient greece holy people who could see the future and things no one else can were called "mantis!"

Using the same method we decoded saint and cerebrum to the moon we get
moon=soon=noos=nous(mind in greek)=hive mind!

I saw a trailer or a cutscene from a superman(snakeman) movie few days ago and there was a scene where he freed the earth from a moon size comet who it looked that was mind controlling all humans on the planet!

If i come across it again i'll post it here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120

Oh you are fucking brilliant....

have you even SEEN my Devolved Consciousness, clones and theomorphic souls Series? it is 6 parts at the moment...

I mention hive mind and NOUS...

Also in my Soul Hunters series, the soul hunter ( i think part 5a ) talks with a mantis!!!

Fuck you are smart!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 27125759

Holy crap man i need to keep visiting your channel more often i'm at work now but as soon i go home those videos are on my list for tonight!

I'm glad my posts are helpful as thats how we need to operate to defeat that disease, all of us do our own homework sharing our findings and working together to find solutions and bring that virus down, like ghrees said this virus weakness is bringing it into the light/exposing it the way it operates and the puppets is using, and it was also mentioned in the V series from the draconian queen herself that they hate to being seen in negative light!
Also i've read that the aids virus can easily be defeated by our immune system but because is hiding behind the rna protein our immune system can't detect it!
Ghrees has informed us that when you alkalize your body and keep it at a 7.8 level this destroys the rna protein aids is hiding exposing the virus to get destroyed by our immune system!

This video is so awesome, every time i think of whooping draconian viruses this comes to mind.

I had realized recently that virgin mary of christianity symbolizes the moon goddess/medusa/lilith/persephone etc and to my astonishment when i was playing the new hitman absolution game i was in a christian orphanage and there was a painting of virgin mary inside or on top of a crescent moon!
Also the red color they dress her with gives it away that she's a blood drinking lizard!
And there is an island in greece where she floods a church with snakes once a year(its a scam by the way the priests themselves and the people working in that church go out collect those little snakes and paint a cross on their heads too, it has been reported by locals!)
and the priests call them the holy snakes of virgin mary!
Which also gives it away that those small snakes symbolize the "holy" snakes on medusa's head!

Here i just found a video of reporters who went to that island and recorded it too.

Holy crap i watch this video for the first time and the priest talks about nuns transforming into snakes!
This reminded me the catholic nuns from the V series who bow down to draconian queen Anna when she went to visit the vatican.(Which part of the series also gave it away that all religions on this planet are draconian and with their leaders secretly working for them!)
See also the movie "they live" which gave it away that the leaders and governments of this planet are working for the draconians.

At 2:17 of the video i found amazing when a an ancient greek story was mentioned that the souls of people after death become or get associated with serpents(the lunar agent in the video who mentioned that story said it in way as not only alarm doesn't cause but makes it sound good!), as they almost give it away that "souls after death get consumed by serpents/draconians!"

Its amazing how cleverly they twist the truth man where one who will digest it without examination research and critical thinking it will lead him to his demise!

I had done my research on those little snakes too and apart from the location where the people of that church collect them from(if i remember correctly is from a neighbor island) i also found out that they're very poisonous too and the reason the people who play with them don't get bitten is cause of their mouths being so small the teeth can't reach out to penetrate the skin.

There's another creature dedicated to virgin mary/medusa which almost blew my mind when i took notice. Its the mantis!!!
In greece the mantis is called "the little horse of virgin mary".

Its amazing for one to think how this lovely good woman as religions present her to be chooses those disgusting sick creatures especially the mantis who eats its partner head off after intercourse as her favorite creatures?

There's a saying "you're attracted to your own kind!"

On the part 2 video there's a story of the good lovely holy/demonic virgin mary/medusa expressing how much more she loves humans over snakes by sinking a shipowner's vessel because he stole/took a little snake from the church with him on his ship.

Skip to 4:29 if you wanna spare yourselves from watching draconian ceremonies.

Also i find interesting how they paint virgin mary in full red/blood favorite color of draconians as they love the spill of human blood!
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