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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

look at that guy above....putting down our bud here on the speech reversal.....

getting attacked .....

well seems we are totally on the right track then


My video concerning greys....from the show Dark Skies.

 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 27125759

Exactly man, one way i find out how important threads and posts are is by the amount of shills and agents they attack them!

Your video you posted shows a pattern that exists on 99% of hollywood movies that have to do with aliens and that is "they're bad they're coming to steal our planet and we need to get together to fight them".

Where since almost all alien movies have this pattern we're talking about a mass brainwashing programming and conditioning of the earthlings/prisoners/victims to help their owners/galactic criminals/lunar gods/draconians on the new star war against the cosmic antibodies/galactic police which of course will demand the unconditional surrender of our owners! There's no need to ask the human puppets to surrender just the head of the snake/moon and the body will follow!

Same agenda had the movie prometheus which i exposed the crap out of.
Thread: Prometheus movie decoded and exposed!

Its mind blowing if you think about yourself being kidnapped and imprisoned and when your friends come to free you the one who kidnapped you brainwashes you to help him fight your friends and family who's coming to free you and punish the hell out of him!

Also keep in mind that ghrees has also informed of a fake alien invasion the draconians might do on our planet to further strengthen the programming that the aliens from space are bad and we should fight them.

About movies how helpful of a tool to our owners is to condition and brainwash the masses a documentary on youtube i had seen exposing how our government shut down all hospitals of natural medicine and doctors of that time who were curing cancer exposed the crap out of that instrunment.
At the same time where doctors of natural medicine were in court you had all mainstream media attacking them parallel with most hollywood movies of that time attacking them by having doctors/actors in that movie calling them quacks and that the right treatment is surgery and chemotherapy.
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