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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
please note and for your information maiden kid Jim e grand is a troubled and putrid individual who has taken GHREEs materials conducted himself as an abominable human, and viral disease all over his facebook page...with his rampant racial slurs to our brothers of other races claiming superiority over everyone and anything including GHREES.... he has further spread bullshit about Jewel aka - julia (middle name unknown) Del Core, with his stupid interpretation and false gematria not even knowing her real name...shame on you Jim e grand. you are a disgrace to the people of earth including the white race who dont even want to know you anymore.
 Quoting: HERA

Why is Julia using the name Jewel. She's just a big phoney like the rest of you. And what's with the number 33 that she uses. Sounds like Julia needs attention. She's no 33, lol.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18833274

Check also the austrian agent/below post who had made a video "yawheh the draco overlord" and convinced us that he's on our side only to show his true colors soon after attacking ghrees with cheep shots and claiming the chinese/draco's race are good guys!

I was wondering why....

Andromedians = 117 = Allah is satan = the fallen one = LUCIFERIANS (in english standard gematria)

Jewel Del Core, another proponent of Rees also equals 117.

What do you guys think?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1658361


The shill who under the disguise that promotes ghrees attempts for the numerous time to discredit and stab ghrees in the back with cheep shots.

You cant discredit anything that ghrees said so far so you use chinese reptilian coward methods like the one above.

This is what i think.

And by the way numerology is a hit or miss in case you haven't figure that out yet and this advice comes from an expert math professor who was using numerology to predict the future.

According to him numerology is accurate when the lines are parallel which means the lines meat and touch on every spot not just on one spot like a cross.

Using your method adding to a name words like "is" "the" etc etc i can make any word to equal the number i want and this strategy can work wonders on the ignorants on numerology when a shill like you is on a lunar mission to discredit someone.

A funny example:
Nemesis=the satan from the hell who is came to the earth=666


Add some words/numbers to a word/number and you can give it the total you want.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120

Sure you are right to some extent, many words with "is" or "and" can aid in making the connections.

However LUCIFERIANS = ANDROMEDIANS has NO connecting words. Right? You probably think Jewel Del Core just picked here name outta the blue, and it just happened to equal 117 right? Man that's juvenile.

There's no discrediting Rees, just trying to figure out the truth, which I am not doing by watching movies and TV shows and PLAYING computer games all day. Why would hollywood put the "truth" in ANY of their movies anyway? If anything they'll put a bunch of BS in them, to throw us off track.

We are going to start our own thread soon, so you and rees representatives can come over there and try to debunk the MASSIVE amount of info we have compiled against REES if you like. Since you guys only wanna throw out proofs which don't back-up your claims.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1658361

Thank you so much for bringing that up as i was gonna add today that indeed you can choose anyone of the different names of the reptilians medusa persephone yahweh allah zeus hades archon etc etc and put next to it is satan etc to get the total you want but i was gonna also add that andromedians=luciferians could be correct!

And here's where you're ignorant like most sheep out there!

The definition of lucifer means the one who brings the light!
In school in college and in history classes we call the ones who brought the civilization to our planet that they brought the "lights" of civilization to this planet.


Now because the reptilians who took over our planet and demonized words like lucifer, demon(in ancient literature means the ones who know, the educated!) etc they demonized scientific symbols like the pentagram hexagram etc so no new scientists would study them and learn some forbidden knowledge, also christianity was putting to inquisition any scientist who was studying those symbols and had demonize also the math!

When we learn the ancient meanings of those words and symbols then andromedians=luciferians is a good thing.

But ignorants or agents like you take advantage of todays ignorant people and try to demonize the race who brought civilization to this planet the race who comes to free this solar system from the draconian virus with cheap tricks!

Also in the tv series "firefly" when the galactic criminals space bandits asked "what the galactic police/empire is doing out here?"

The black bitch answered with envy "they come to shine the light of their civilization!"

Thank yo also that in this post you made it clear like a sky with no clouds that you're an agent on a mission to discredit ghrees.

And i find hilarious the childish methods you use, you must be desperate!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120
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