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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A Dream is your Mind attempting to Escape from the Matrix we live in, Everytime you wake up, you have failed and you remain in Hell

Yes...folks, A dream is your mind attempting to break free from this hell on earth Matrix we are programmed into. Everytime you dream, your mind is trying to crack the codes, reprogram everything, and get you the fuck out. If you fail the mission, you wake up, back in the matrix, back where the story continues. A player of the Game.

I have spent years studying this, who put is in the matrix? why are we here? how do we escape within our dreams? When ever you dream, the mission to escape starts and its a new mission everytime. This is the reason that the Indians invented dream catchers, altough they didnt know what the fuck the true purpose of them were. Everytime you place a dream catcher under your pillow, you get a 1/1000 chance to continue the mission from where you left off, and closer to cracking the matrix and escape.

Dont confuse this with death. Death is but a reboot, and if you die, you still havent cracked the matrix. Karma from your life carries into the next matrix game, and maybe you will be able to crack it then. Completing the mission in the dream is the only way to break free from the matrix and return to our homeland....Hollow Earth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6893190

Cool story Bro.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15887316

This story has twisted the truth masterfully!
When you're dream your mind is connected to the lunar machines wirelessly who use your brain as a processor and also program you subliminally with dreams.
It was also shown in the tv series dolhouse that broken dolls/useless puppets were put to sleep forever and had their brains used as computers.
It was also shown that when dreaming/connected to the lunar machines you're able to hack into their machines learn the draconians deepest secrets and why not take control of everything they do!

The movie matrix that even the mainstream media promoted relentlessly and the idea that we might be living in matrix showed that the real world was turned into a dumpster and life became unbearable and because of that the humans decided to go to sleep forever/dollhouse style!
If you pay attention to our planet we're heading that way at alarming speeds and what a masterful way to make all humans demand to go to sleep forever(turn them into machines) by making life on their planet unlivable!
(Elite:We create the problems so the sheeple accept our solution/change which of course would have chase us down the street and hung us if we were to enforce them under normal circumstances!)

Also note morpheus is the god of dreams in ancient mythology and is it funny that only morpheus boss of dreamworld/matrix was the one who was running the operation of who gets out and who's not?(And the only ones who were getting out were for his personal use/puppets).
Note also the blue and red pill he was giving out which was a trap as whichever you took you were f*cked!
If you're already out of the matrix and conscious why the need to take any pill man?

Just like the black man in the dollhouse series who was pretending to be a regular security guard only for us to find out at the end of the series him to be the big boss the one who was running the whole operation! same with morpheus he was the secret big boss of the matrix/the god of dreams/dreamworld/matrix as he's been called in ancient literature!
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