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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well here is an off the wall thought: What if TPTB want to start WW3 because they want a bunch of deaths all at one time in order to overload the soul trap system so that they could then escape?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8722712

Ghrees has informed us that on massive deaths the draconians have special massive soul traps/platforms who mass collects the souls. I think those special traps were shown in the movie "lifeforce"
Thread: Lifeforce 1985 movie explained.
where there was a giant electric light ball who was passing through a city attracting all souls without a body nearby like a magnet!

I have also thought that another reason behind ww3 is for the draconians to increase their ranks for the upcoming star war where it was also mentioned in the game prey that the sphere/moon/the keeper makes the souls into whatever it needs them for, food soldiers farming on earth etc.

And what a faster way to mass collect billions of souls to convert them into reptilian soldiers than a nuclear and biological ww3/armageddon.
Similar strategy was shown in the movie "the island" with the mass winning lottery which was also a way to remove the sheeple from their common place without alerting their friends or survivors etc.

And it will be hilarious after a ww3 the survivors to think billions of people to be dead only to see them in space fighting nemesis and his star sheriffs/galactic police!

By the way i had this thought yesterday that the japanese/draconian anime "saber rider and the star sheriffs" twisted the truth masterful too as it had the star sheriffs/galactic police fighting nemesis where in reality they work for nemesis as nemesis is justice/the universal judge/punisher like the judge dredd who said in the trailer: "NEGOTIATIONS ARE OVER(YOUR BLACKMAILING IS OVER), THE PUNISHMENT IS DEATH/AMNESIA(OR YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!)"

It would be badass by the way to be a star sheriff in the future man! That would be my future job when this disease is defeated and us reunited with the rest universe.
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