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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
DEVIL spelled backwards is LIVED. Hmmmm.....

Neo is told he is The One, but really is is a NOOB, or neophyte. The Matrix is not a movie to reveal any truth or a way out, but to further program another generation of people to trust whoever comes along offering "The Truth". There is no rabbit hole we need to 'go down' forever and ever. It's just a maze of mirrors with no way out.


But let's face it....we could be shown the machinations of this entire system and be offered a position to serve its overlord, and as long as we were safe from our memory wipes and awful short lifespans, it would be hard to say NO. How many beings are doing what they do simply to maintain some piece of power or control in their existence? Every one of us.

FREEDOM=Free to be Dumb.
 Quoting: BossBattles

Yeah i've noticed that too when i took notice of evil=live etc. All movies will give you intel the same way the lunar agents do and that is truth mixed with lies and the obvious message is usually the lie. All the people that mention we live in a virtual reality mention the movie matrix and what i do is i mention what they didn't notice from that movie to prove them the exact opposite. Every movie will have 2 or more different stories playing at the same time where the ignorants will read/understand the first obvious one which of course is there like you said to further their programming, that life is all about getting rich famous getting a lot of chicks etc but to the ones that know to pay attention to details will take notice of the parallel stories/messages/intel every movie contains.

On my last post i didn't mention to go down any rabbit hole but it was a metaphor of how deep one must dig/research to get all the pieces of the puzzle/picture.

Also about joining the draconians if they were to offer you power, freedom from the wipes etc my question to you is would you trust them?
Remember what happened to abadon in darksiders when he switched sides and joined lilith when she offered him to rule in hell? He got his memories erased anyways!
Get in the draconians' shoes and think what would you do when you have a hard drive full with personalites but not enough dolls/vehicles?
You would of course offer them all kind of things to come to you then simply erase them and implant them with a draconian personality just like lilith did to abadon.
Is that how you wanna go down? I've told myself many times if i were to get captured again it wouldn't be without a fight and i would die fighting!
And i'll tell you right now why is better to die fighting the draconians instead of trying to join them and get erased abodon style anyways.
Put yourself into the shoes of the cosmic antibodies the enemy/punisher/nemesis/cure of the disease. When you were to defeat the draconians and take back all those souls which personalities would you resurrect dollhouse style?
Would you resurrect the ones that joined the draconians?
Would you resurrect corrupted personalities? or personalities that remained loyal to the universal organism that didn't fall sold out to the draconians that fought them to death etc?
Which personalities would you resurrect if you were in the cosmic antibodies shoes???

Just like when you play chess man think far ahead calculate many moves ahead and the more chances to win you'll have, to join the draconians is only thinking 1 move ahead which equals=looser!

As you see i've done my calculations and i have the part if "i get captured again" covered!

This is sparta!
Don't kneel to the draconians it's also bad for your knees! cruise

By the way i did a lot of kneeling in bootcamp back in the day when i did my 4 years and i can personally assure you kneeling is really bad for the knees.

This video is for you bossbattles.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1512971

Oops ya sorry, That reply of mine came off weird....or wrong. I wasn't directing it at you or myself even. It was more of a comment on how easy it is to get servants for this sort of system, simply based on the fact that we are all suffering and are looking for some "relief".

Im in 100% agreement with what you said here. Even though we all make compromises to survive, i've already made the decision many times over not to "sell out" like that. It's easy because it isn't in my nature. Ive always fought back and gone against the grain of the "authorities", when they attempt to exert control where it isn't necessary.

When you do stand up to them, they then make offers to you. To these situations, i just ignore them because i know they have nothing to offer.

I haven't given up this fight. I'm even more determined to not lose my memories and to regain the natural power i came into this world with! We all should look to reclaim the real "US" that we know is capable of facing anything in our path. I got beat down pretty good along the way, but im shaking it off and stepping forward no matter what!
 Quoting: BossBattles

I haven't exposed the elusive snake bossbattles properly yet so here it is.
Pay attention how easily he changes his ideas so he can remain on op's positive side until the right moment where he would rejoin forces with the exposed snakes on this thread and go back to supporting his cancerous advice of selling out to the draconians like the reptilian whore that he is!

Also as to how retarded the idea to sell yourself out to the draconians is this below thread hits the nail to the head and also nails snakes like bossbattles to the wall!


Its also mentioned in the art of war of sun tzu book, best seller in china that is their common practice to pay traitors big sums of money or whatever it takes to help them achieve their goal and when their job is done kill them as like with the same ease they betrayed their race country family etc they will betray you too, it was also mentioned that they know too much about you after working for you and they're too dangerous to have them walking free around.

Now pay attention how this post will put all the lunar controlled parasites on foam extraction mode!
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