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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

This is totally relevent.

This ties in with B ARACH ( Arachnid Spider ) Obama

Also with A DOLPH ( Dolphin ) Hitler

arach NI d
dolph IN

now this IN ties into the INRI. the crossing ... crossing refers to SO MANY things...blood crossing ... dimensional crossing , crossing wormholes, or oceans, or between planets ...

Now you also have

fel IN e


can IN e

and dont forget our favourite

reptil I a N also has the full INRI

R ept I l I a N ( INRI )

It is all connected to the trinity ( t RINI ty )

i got alot of work to do on this, just thought i'd share.
 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 27125759

What was mind blowing to me in the above amazing video was when you decoded the name obama=bam=bomb as he indeed is planned by the owners of this planet to be the last president of the united states and the one who will completely destroyed america with a bam=ww3!
Thread: The 2012 Movie Decoded!

As about spiders thanks to you for bringing it to my attention i was able to notice a spider symbol on bane from the new batman movie/dark night rises.
Pay attention to his mouth!
Count the legs and the fangs!

[link to batman.wikia.com]

And this is the definition when we say the criminal parasites of this planet put their symbols secrets etc to our face and we can't see them!
Hide them in plain view. Also there was a moment in that movie where it was shown that bane was not a human, when he was mind controlling a wall street rich human traitor and the human asked him "what are you?"

Not to mention batman's true face is on his mask!
An identical face the bad guy of the movie captain america first avenger had under his skin when he pulled it off!
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