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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeah Dana is such a lunatic, mentally ill retard

Pocahontas wannabe ... natives caN do no wrong in her eyes.....damn mongol lover

As for the legitamate Atlantean descendents ... who are killed and mongrelized by the other mongols...they are not many left ... not many who have a clue

Part 2 up very shortly

The show Exosquad is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!

Anyone seen it ?

If not .. I will be posting a few short vids ...it is crazy how much they give away!!!

Perhaps someone already mentioned it ?
 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 27125759

And I want to say rockingdevil94 aka Indian guy , that mumbai sewer rat ....is a scum bag, worthless

he is against the greeks, a fucking serpent

No one can say G H REES is wrong because they are RIGHT!!

Go to hell mumbai sewer rat, bringing my family life into this, you are a snake. and I wish I could crush your skull

Keep talking about my family to the world, you show yourself for the turd snake you really are.
 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 27125759



As about the draconians blackmailing the galactic police/andromedians etc that they will blow up our planet if they get attacked the movie "star trek nemesis" made it very clear.

I found amazing that they named that movie nemesis but not once they mentioned that name in the movie and guess what the draconians attempted to do in that movie?
Blow up earth!

So pretty much that movie was a coded message to nemesis "star trek message to nemesis" lol
Where once again it was shown their pathetic blackmailing tactics!

What's so special with earth man the blew up so far 2 planets in our solar system if i was nemesis that would be more than enough to me to capture all lizards alive and force them to rebuild my planets!

Also about the chinese that genocide the ancient whites in china check also this link
Thread: The Chinese Genocide the Ancient Whites in china! History will repeat itself unless...

I found hilarious that they keep the white mummies in dark places and corners in their museums so they don't get easily noticed and also have attempted surgical surgeries on their faces!
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