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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh man in the game far cry 3 i played yesterday what intel i just caught was amazing!

The bad guys in that game represents the reptilians even the good guys! Pay attention to citra the boss of the good guys how easily she would kill me over nothing just like snakes do. When they gave you the tattoo(which among all the creatures it shows it has also a spider eating a man!) Vaas the boss of the pirates said "you think that makes you one of us?" implying they're special and different from humans.
Then Vaas said "now the only way to kill you is to completely erase you!"
And started a big fire which reminded me the oven of lunar agent john lear where he claims souls get created(see souls get erased) and also in the movie MIB 3 where when K was about to erase will smith he said/lied to his boss "i was cooking him for # hours"

Then when you escape Vaas with your friend when you see pirates chasing you from the front you scream "serpentine" 3 times and your friend says what? like what the hell you talking about.
I did a google search and look what i found.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
Serpentine may refer to:
Serpentine, Ninjago ,a race of Snake People.

Then when you escaped you go to see Vaas sister on her temple the leader of the good guys. I found this hilarious man just like in the transformers the one brother is the leader of the good guys and the other of the bad guys, i call those movies and games lunar shows where the draconians fake fight between themselves to entertain/brainwash and become rolemodels of the sheeple.

She calls you a lamb then she gives you something to drink(water of amnesia!) and your reptilian friend who you trust when you ask him is it safe, he assures you its safe and to drink it. When you do the whole screen becomes white(blank slate!) and you find yourself falling to earth(from the moon) into water(symbolizing woman's womb). Then when you walk on earth you follow a man in white which when a beam from the sky hits him he disappears and reappears few meters farther away.
This was the most amazing part for me as what i caught you weren't suppose to see it. I had to restart this scene to see where the beam from the sky came from as when i looked up the first time after i missed it there was the moon in your face. It was nighttime in that scene. The next time instead of looking down to earth and the guy in white which you follow i was looking up in the sky at moon the whole time while i was moving forward and when i saw it the freaking beam coming from the moon and hitting the guy in front of me i was so excited that i caught it!

These lunar beams play a big role in the elite's rituals as just like in the game they created this human hologram out of nowhere, in the rituals they create demons angels put the mediums into full ecstasy etc.
Ghrees revealed that the members of those rituals don't know anything about the technology and the lunar beams behind the rituals and is important not to know as then the draconians would lose the fear control on their puppets/human elite.
Its similar when an illusionist/magician gets busted the hype is lost the magic is lost and you see him for what he truly is and you also feel stupid for not taking notice earlier!

Another thing i got to mention about this game is during loading times there are some fucked up words shown fast in a strategic way to program your mind similar to derren brown techniques. The words i caught which were shown many times fast were "die" "eid" "run" etc.

I was like damn these reptilian makers of this draconian game hate us and what cheap tactics they use man to brainwash us. Also another thing i noticed at the pause menu there is rife frequency sound playing which i suspect is a negative one. I heard of rife frequencies that can damage your dna and do other bad things and this game trailer has the word "insanity" as its mascot which puts me in suspicion that the rife frequency that plays in the menu might attempt to cause that.

And the definition of insanity the trailer asks in a way that has a secret meaning which it does and that is insane=in+sane which means you're sane.
Similar to the word immortal=i'm mortal which means you're mortal.
But we're taught they mean the opposite of what these words scream to us, that's the hilarious part.
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