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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The movie inception apart from the great intel it contains it also contained a deadly poison which can lead many people to suicide or create apathy to this world and planet thinking is just a dream. Same poisonous agenda the matrix/dreamworld had.
I rofl when they put the wife of dicaprio to say this life is a dream then suicide as they were afraid not many viewers might suspect that aka the poison will not reach many minds!

And right there this advice gets verified again, it's the 1% of lies or the secretly hidden poison within someones mix/intel/movie etc that will get you every time and you shouldn't be grateful to those kind of people cause then the deer the fish the sheep etc should be thankful to the hunter the fisherman the farmer who lures them with food so they can slaughter them!

I would like to contribute this about Dark Knight Rises.
I believe that Christopher Nolan is on the "good" side, following his Inception where he showed us a method of imprinting memories tech used by the draconian elite or maybe even what goes on in geostatic lunar orbiter platforms around Earth. And in Dark Knight Rises tries to warn us of the future. Bane is the new leader of the world, the new combat messiah who will falsely give the people freedom from the authoritarian state(as seen in the movie) but in the end he will lead us to annihilation. Bane represents the false savior of mankind. Dark Knight on the other hand is a code name for the antichrist(meaning that Nolan warns us for the rise of the antichrist?). But the most obvious clue is the cold fusion reactor itself! Nolan shows us clearly in three separate takings very clearly the logo on it. double E's, check it out. Meaning maybe andromedan tech converted to mass destruction weapon.
[link to collider.com] in these pics it looks like the dogon tribe symbol but in the movie it is Double E full shown! Nice touch from Nolan. He told us what is coming.

to big mouth anonymous coward User ID: 18833274 not Jewel or anyone can infiltrate the disclosures of GHREES, let alone destroy the credibility of this work, if you had half a brain and truly understand the materials, then you can see that it cannot be compromised and is impenetrable in its ethical and true form. I pity you idiots who sit here and waste time trying to combat a topic which can not be argued, cannot be disputed, cannot be compromised....the light of GHREES stands alone amongst a group of morons and imbeciles! what a shame how stupid you are, and find that your discourses will lead you no where....what a waste of time....
 Quoting: HERA

The shills might wanna take notes also from the below thread of how their reptilian lunar controlled owners operate and what a disgraceful end awaits them if they continue working for them.

To the chinese puppets just replace the russians with shills and there you go!

Not to mention that this applies also to the chinese themselves as when their job is done and transfer all planet's worthy resources to the moon, their draconian masters will leave them behind to die as according to ghrees where they're going next the chinese race cannot survive as they were made specifically to survive on this planet!

Its hilarious man that even the chinese will have similar ending with the one they give to their own puppets around the globe!
Identical to the joker's bank robbery from the movie batman!
When the job is done(robbery of earth's valuable resources) only the joker/lunar clown will enjoy the spoils not even his genetic creation!

THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) - Bank Robbery Scene

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