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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I did it again ENJOY!

"Breaking!!!: Message To Earth From Universal Judge Nemesis/Dredd: "Jesus/Gods/Parasites ARE NOT THE LAW I AM THE LAW" They're Common Galactic Criminals!"
Thread: Breaking!!!: Message To Earth From Universal Judge Nemesis/Dredd: "Jesus/Gods/Parasites ARE NOT THE LAW I AM THE LAW" They're Galactic

(((To newbies and people who just waking up who have no idea of our solar system and planet earth's current situation go to the bottom of this post visit those links then come back here, this thread will make much more sense to you then.)))

The symbolism in the new movie Dredd and the things i took notice are mind blowing.
Here they are!

-Let's talk.(to the draconians on the moon)
-Talk about what, Judge(Nemesis)?
-Release the hostage(humans and their planet) unharmed,
and l guarantee you a sentence of life
in an iso-cube without parole.
-Life without parole?
That's the deal you're offering?
-Only if you comply.
Your crimes include multiple homicide(billions of human genocides and sacrifices over 13,500 years, murdering/erasing of their souls, raping and killing of planets and solar systems/mega cells of the universal organism etc)
and the attempted murder of a Judge.
lf you do not comply, the sentence is death.
-You aren't a very good negotiator, Judge.
You know why?
You got no fucking leverage!
Here's the deal. You let me walk(escape from this solar system)
or l blow her(earth) fucking brains out. Okay?
-Negotiation's over.
-What are you doing?
Didn't you hear what l said?
l'll kill the bitch!
-Yeah, l heard you, hotshot.
-l said "hotshot."(You're f*cked lizards!)

Those of you who have gotten the intel from the hellenandchaos blog will find the above subliminal/symbolic dialogue mind blowing!
And i just got started!

We got trouble.
They were selling Sternhammer product
on my level.
l warned them off with a beating a couple
of weeks ago. Guess it didn't work.
-You can't deal with it yourself?
-l can deal with it.
The question is whether you
wanna make an example of them.
-Skin them. Toss them over the balcony.

I knew it from the trailer that Ma-ma symbolizes medusa but the moment she said "skin them" the draconian queen anna from the V series came to mind where skinning her victims as their punishment was her number one favorite choice!
Also note her puppets call her momma, anyone remembers lilith/medusa the mommy of draconians from darksiders 2?

-Security protocols accessed.
War(Star war) protocol accessed.
Blast shield initiated(War planet Levan/Moon prepares for star war!).

-Inhabitants of Peach Trees(Earth).
This is Judge Dredd(Nemesis).
In case you people have forgotten(your memories have been erased!),
this block(planet) operates under the same
rules as the rest of the city(galaxy).
Ma-Ma(Medusa/jesus/yahweh/rest draconian sewage/gods/parasites is not the law.
l am the law.(visit wiki nemesis is the name of justice in ancient literature!)
Ma-Ma(your god) is a common criminal(in our galaxy).
Guilty of murder(of humans planets like maldek/phaethon solar systems etc, see also revelations in draconian bible where he reveals his/her plans to blow up this solar system too and all of its planets, then escape to a new earth/victim under new sky, spread like a disease!)
Guilty of the manufacture and distribution
of the narcotic known as Slo-Mo.
And as of now, under sentence of death.
Any who obstruct me
in carrying out my duty
will be treated
as an accessory to her crimes.
You have been warned.
And as for you, Ma-Ma(draconian whore)...
***Judgment time.***

-How the fuck are we gonna stop this guy?
-Call 911.
-One million credits.
-A million?
-You have a problem with a Judge.
You know who he is?
-l do. One million.

Medusa attempted in the movie to buy out other judges to stop nemesis/dredd for her, which puts me in suspicion thats why they're after mainly all gold and silver on our planet, maybe the retarded lizards think they can buy their way out rofl!
See also in old testament where Yahweh/Medusa(to moses: no man can see my face and live!) says in many different parts "The gold is mine the silver is mine", "The gold and silver belong to the treasury/moon of the lord" etc.

Also note that its a common draconian strategy when they're in need to pay the people they need help from as much they want and after their job is done kill them and take back everything they gave them. This strategy was also shown in many hollywood movies, "expendables: we're not gonna live to spend the money", "safe: you're a stupid woman/traitor you don't understand draconian business, you gave them what they want now they're going to kill you" etc.
Thats also a message to all human traitors around the globe who enjoy the benefits the draconians have given them being unaware that when their job is done they'll get slaughtered like the big fat rich pigs they are!

-What's the price of a Judge(traitor of humanity of the planet of the universal organism) these days?
Split four ways.
-Three ways now.
Two-way split.(now)

Thats Nemesis right there killing besides the lizards and their traitors the one after the other!

-l'm not armed. l'm not armed.
l can help you.
-Ma-Ma's in her private quarters,
but it's behind 10 inches of steel(Moon's hull is 25 miles of titanium thick! see link with russian academics vasin and scherbakov!)
So you can't get in there without the keypad
combination. l can give that to you.
-l don't need your cooperation
to get the combination from you(or blow up her cancerous cell/moon).

-The code to Ma-Ma's chambers is 4-9-4-3-6.
Let's finish this.
-You're a piece of work, Dredd.
But then so am l.
You think l didn't know l'd get busted
some day. Goes with the territory.(The lizards know their end!)
This entire level is rigged
with enough high explosives
to take out the top 50 stories(5 planets from this solar system).
lf they go, the rest go, too(rest solar system collapses).
Like the jewelry?
lt's a transmitter synched to my heart beat.
My heart stops beating,
the building blows. Everyone in it, ash.
You got no way out, Judge.
Put your gun down.
Do you know
how many people live in this block?(Pathetic draconian blackmailing!)
-This isn't a negotiation.
The sentence is death.(Blackmailing is over your game is over!)
-You can't afford to take the risk.
We're a kilometer above ground(symbolism of distance between moon and earth).
-What do you figure
the range is on that thing?
Could it get through 100 levels of concrete?
How about 200?(25 miles of titanium?)
Let's find out.
Citizen Ma-Ma(Draconian whore medusa).
Your crimes are multiple homicide(human genocides, killing of universal mega cells/planets solar systems etc)
and the manufacture
and distribution of narcotics.
How do you plead?
Defense noted.(Justice finally gets delivered to the draconian sewage!)

Before dredd throws medusa to her death look at her eyes i saw a crescent moon with the star symbol on both!(lunar goddess/boss/mommy of draconians).
As dredd throws ma-ma/medusa over the balcony notice the glass that breaks symbolizes the stars of the universe(in the movie trailer i had comment before, dredd is surrounded with the same broken glass pieces flying in air symbolizing him to be the universal justice/nemesis who comes to our solar system from the stars) then as she falls she goes through some white cloud looking smoke which symbolizes earth's clouds and smashes on earth filling the whole screen with red blood.(symbolism of moon falling/collide with earth and killing it)

This is another blackmailing threat of the draconians towards the galactic police that has arrived in our solar system on planet's saturn orbit that if they get attacked they will collide the moon with earth killing our planet and all humans on it!

And its funny to see people worrying about planet xs nibirus etc where the actual real threat is right above their heads!

Some other interesting things from that movie.

-Requesting meat wagon to Peach Trees,
level 39. We have
four bodies for resyk(recycling)
and eight live for the iso-cubes.

This is a subliminal message of our souls after death getting recycled/memories erased and reincarnated!

Some other interesting things about ma-ma/medusa notice the upside down V scar she has on her face, similar V scar 5th column/draconian shills were doing to each other in the V series to see if they're reptilians under their skin.

At some screens ma-ma/medusa's hair were curving like snakes, and there was also a small scene shown of her having her mouth full with human blood like she just had some human for launch, then her puppet shoots the screen/us the viewers!)

Visit these below links for more intel especially those of you who have no idea about the above!

Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
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