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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What i took notice on the far cry 3 yesterday was freaking amazing!

Remember when i told you guys that the female leader of the suppose good guys represents medusa?
Guess what, later in the game she describes the story of perseus and medusa under different names but it was the same story and the mind blowing part was that she said when the hero cut medusa's head that head formed the island you play on.

The medusa head island is the freaking moon as ancients symbolized it with the medusa head!
Then when she takes you to her private quarters of her temple this guy jason like a retard drinks again what she gives him and guess what happens next? He fights medusa in giant size and right above her was the moon!

I forgot to include in my last post about far cry 3 that the pirate's flag is full red in color with the all seeing eye at the center.
When you go to kill the pirate's leader Vaas he tells you
"when you see me you're gonna thank me cause i'm gonna free your soul(kill you)"

If you know half the memo/intel/story you would thank who frees you from your human cage but when you know the whole story/process of reincarnation you would hate the one who kills you as he will only accelerate your transformation into a baby.

I have made this new catch phrase lately.

"Lunar god/scum: Do you know enough to thank me to worship me as your god your creator your savior etc or do you know more than enough to hate me as your biggest and most dangerous criminal you ever had to deal with?"

For 99% of the people on this planet applies the first, they know just enough to worship their own murderer and the deadliest virus of the universal organism!

Its funny that in greek the computer virus is called uios which also means son and when you decode the words "son of god" son=virus god=universal human organism you get "the virus/the disease of the universe"

Now imagine just like in fallout 3 it was shown what kind of retards religious people are worshiping a nuke that was about to explode and kill them all or slowly with its leaking radiation, similar situation we have in our own world with billions of religious sheeple worshiping cancer tumors with halos behind them too.

Cause in reality thats exactly
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