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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To canada for ghrees, thanks to you i just took notice of something that i almost missed.

You said USA is part of the name MEDUSA=MED+USA, what i just took noticed blew my mind.

The statue on top of the white house do you know who that lady is?

Billionaire artemis sorras in one of his videos gave it away that she the goddess ATHENA!

Have you checked one of my recent posts where i exposed draconian whores athena and medusa to be the same person?

I couldn't stop laughing from excitement when i took notice man, america is so f*cked!
Similar situation greece is into where the capital of greece is named ATHENA!=MEDUSA!

Mind Blowing stuff man!

I'm getting good at this the mother of all snakes can't hide from me anymore!

Hahaha i cant stop laughing to the thought that i just exposed the crap out of christianity's virgin mary/moon goddess/draconian whore lilith/medusa!

Bitch you're busted!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120

Amazing research man. haha im sitting here laughing too

If I find the time , since im busy with all these others videos, i certainly would like to compile this info into a video, if you dont mind ;)

Absolutly amazing man\!!

as for medusa

I just caught this MED USA ( medical, what with the serpent on and the hybridization) and USA...where the next phase of their agenda is taking place ...

DEMUS ... i dont know ... but this is poking my brain LOL

these fucks play word games ...NEURO LINGUISTICS , NLP ..programming people


Guile ..obvious.

Sin...Moon god of Ur


I vvery much enjoy exchanging research, together we break the draconians!!
 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 28595083


[link to shedrums.com]

The whole page of the article is painted is red which puts me in suspicion it could be written by a lunar agent, also its funny cause it gives her away as the red queen, similar to the chinese and mongols that put her face/moon on a full red flag.

Here some mind blowing quotes from the article but i highly recommend to read the whole thing!

"...the gaze from her evil eye turned men into stone..."

I exposed that when i quoted the movie clash of the titans where it wasn't the face of medusa that turned people into stone but the light she was emitting through her eyes!

"...She was depicted with graceful golden wings arched above her shoulders..."

Lilth from darksiders which i exposed too of being medusa had those very wings! Also in the darksiders wiki its being said that her painting wasn't finished implying the artist wanted to put those snakes on her head but didn't want to give her away, so instead he put multiple horns that twist like snakes.

"... The Dark Goddess, in her guise as Medusa, was best known as the third Gorgon sister...
...The Orphics called the moon’s face the Gorgon’s Head..."

Here it is man the moon in ancient times was called the medusa head and since in those very ancient times were also calling the moon persephone it would be a lot easier for one to make the connection persephone=medusa!

"...who flaunts the Gorgon’s Head in the center of her breastplate. Medusa may in fact be Athena’s dark sister(see dark side/same person playing 2 roles/2 face)..."

I had this suspicion this past few days that athena of the 12 gods could also be medusa as pay attention to the similarities she has with the red queen/virgin mary, where also athena was hiding and protecting a snake behind her shield!
Similar to the holy snakes of virgin mary that i exposed the crap out not long ago.

The fact is that the 12 gods were another draconian religion where the names could have been stolen from the ancient governments of this solar system prior to the draconian invasion.
So just like in christianity in the 12 gods we have again the pathetic and hilarious attempt of draconian whore lilith/medusa to be presented and worshiped as a virgin!
And similar to virgin mary who is hiding her holy snakes under her red hood we have athena hiding her holy snake behind her shield and the rest where the sun don't shine.

As we keep reading the article we find more mind blowing evidence that athena was also medusa!

"...the Egyptian goddess Neith, who was known as Anatha in Libya and as Athena to the Greeks...
...Neith represented Mother Death, and to see her face behind the veil was to have died(where have we heard this before man? death from darksiders? yahweh when speaking to moses in old draconian testament? (no one can see my face and live etc)."

And holy shit man i did it again another disguise of the draconian whore lilith/medusa exposed!

As we keep reading the article it actually now says it to our face that medusa is also athena!!!

"...In Libya, Neith, known as Anatha, was said to have arisen out of Lake Tritonis, the Lake of the Triple Queens. She displayed her triple nature as Athena, Metis and Medusa(3 face!), who corresponded to the new, full, and dark phases of the moon. Athena was the new moon warrior maiden who inspired the Amazon tribes of women to courage, strength, and valor. The Sea Goddess Metis, whose name means “wise counsel,” was the full moon mother aspect of this trinity who, in later mythical tales, conceived Athena from Zeus. Medusa embodied the third, dark aspect as destroyer/crone, and she was revered as the Queen of the Libyan Amazons, the Serpent Goddess of female wisdom.

Originally Athena and Medusa were two aspects of the same goddess, Anatha; and as such they are part of the same archetype associated with a feminine-defined strength and wisdom..."

And if we count chameleon medusa all the different forms names personalities etc she represents she could be called "countless face" and correctly she has that many snakes on her head that represent the multiple personalities/hive mind she possesses!

"...Medusa, “Cunning One” or “Queen,” was the only mortal. They lived on the road to the golden apple trees of the Hesperides..."

And those who know who was guarding the apples can make a new connection here of medusa=chinese dragon=snake with legs(guarding the tree in the old testament with adam and eve).

"... Hence the death of Medusa became a worthy heroic quest for the patriarchal solar heroes..."

Interesting subliminal message here.

"... From Medusa’s severed neck sprang her twin sons by Poseidon – Pegasus, the winged moon horse, who became a symbol of poetry..."

"...As Perseus flew away, drops of Medusa’s blood trickled onto the hot African sands, causing oases to grow in the desert. In an alternate version these droplets of blood gave birth to a race of poisonous serpents destined to infest the regions with plagues in future ages..."

When i read the first sentence i was like director fury from avengers "i know you mean the other thing" and then i read the second sentence and couldn't stop laughing lol!

Some interesting quotes from hollywood movies.

"When they tell you not to panic, thats when you run."
"When they tell you we haven't abandon you, that means you are alone."(2012)
"When they tell you its ok we take it from here, that means you're f*cked"(Safe House)
"When they tell you we are of peace always, PREPARE FOR WAR!"
(V series)

"...In some traditions it was Athena’s serpent son Erichthonius to whom she gave the blood to either kill or cure..."

More evidence that scream athena is a reptilian.

"...which it was death to investigate. The Gorgon’s Head was a formal warning to priers to stay away..."

Ghrees had also informed us that ancients used to put the medusa head symbol in places they wanted thieves to stay away from to scare them and make them go away.

I haven't even got to half of the medusa article, i'll keep this post short and post the rest interesting things i find later.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23562617
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