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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm having a blast with the god of war 1 game.
In the temple on the back of giant kronos a guy named pathos who built it for the gods/draconians had left many of his writings where he signed them at the bottom with
"pathos verdes iii loyal subject to the gods".

I was calling him a stupid retard every time i was reading his crap until later in his writtings started expressing doubts for the gods/draconians as they were taking too much from him his 2 sons etc until when i reached the exit of the temple i found his last writing saying.

"I fear i built a maze with no true way out, if that's the case may the cruel uncaring gods/parasites show you the way.
Pathos verdes iii once a loyal subject to the gods"

I was like about time you figured these fuckers out!

Also i found interesting in this game hades artemis amfitrite and other gods were shown with horns on their heads and hades/dias/zeus as a full demon/monster.
That was the game's subliminal message that verified ghrees that the ancient gods just like the current ones are all draconians/wolves in sheep's clothing.

Another funny thing i found in this game is that it showed the beautiful sea female demons saying many have died trying to get a view of them, which reminded me magician franz bardon when he informed us about how many magicians have lost their lives by sinking themselves with rocks on the bottom of lakes so they can see those beautiful demons, which of course could be holograms from the lunar machines showing to the stupid humans right before their lungs explode so they can stay underwater longer and die and then of course feed the moon/keeper with their souls rofl!
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