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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
TRU-MAN CASH? Are you fucking kidding me, OP? You think that's his real name? Come on, brah...

This dude is the most uneducated, fear-inducing, greedy, dishonest charlatan I've ever had the displeasure of stumbling upon. His research is sloppy, elementary, and sometimes plain disinformation. He is full of hate and has NO credentials, see for yourself. I pulled a Scooby Doo on this guy about a year ago with my own sources and I suggest you do the same. The verdict is that he is NOT (yet) a shill, just another moran playing on the new age crowd in the pursuit of CASH.

I was curious about this "soul trap" thing until you mentioned this guy. I swear I don't enjoy flaming people on forums or anywhere, but this is a call to USE DISCENRMENT for anyone who hasn't read one of his books.

 Quoting: Aniwti 31456116

There is abundant of info from countless of sources throughout this thread and you latch on a single guy/source to discredit an Everest of intel this thread has built.
Its similar to pointing out a scratch on a ferrari so you can buy it for 5 dollars or make it look not worthy lol!

I have said countless times to all people to do their own research as most sources they read it will contain truth mixed with lies and amazing sources like ghrees not all the details and like george green said it's the 1% you're missing or the 1% of lies that will get you everytime.

I have extracted amazing intel from lunar agents instead of discrediting everything they say when i figured out they're lunar agents.
Which is also a convenient strategy for agents to discredit the truth part by pointing out the lies or an exposed agent expecting the readers to regard everything as lies and go back to sleep.

I have expressed my suspicions on truman cash too throughout this thread as i have said how can you remember numerous past lives and you never mention the moon or the dragon's race?
Truman in his books which he made available for free speaks about the moon one time only and indirectly when he mentions that after death he ended up on a small planet like our moon.
Thats it we never hear him talking about it again in his books.

But nevertheless his books contain great intel and its up to us through our own research to verify it to separate the truth from the lies and find the missing details!
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