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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i finally read this whole thing XDDD so. since the light is a trap and you aren't even supposed to look at it and if the demons or whatever know that you know it's a trap will try other soul trap things then... how do you get away? LOL.
they can apparently touch you and erase your memories, read your memories and show you things that scare you, show you your fantasies and people you loved who died, and based on this thread and all the stuff people researched you cant go past Jupiter because that automatically removes your memories, some people say that you should go to the sun o_o and that they'res a portal there that lets you tell the antibodies or something what's going on here O_O, and some people say the antibodies are already here O__O and they are being blackmailed by the repitilian people who want to take over the universe because they want to be worshipped as gods FOR NO REASON AT ALL (since the universe is supposed to be a happy fucking creative place and its fun and wonderful WHY DO YOU WANT TO RUIN THAT??? IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE) THENNN the op says the "indian person" was a shill person and all those other people and didn't answer his questions like one I was wondering too was when you die should you not give them your anger or fear O_o or do they only "feed" on fear, hate and love? LOL what if it does make the demons stronger? then what are you saying op LOL im so confused by this whole thing...
then in this thread everyone starts talking about ghrees and how the universe is like a body then is there something outside of the body O___O like infinite bodies outside of every body...??? and then people say you cant go back in time without making the whole universe go back in time which makes sense to me XD but then people start talking about that adampants guy who i listened to ALL of his videos. but based on this thread the reps. control your reality and dreams and shit so when adampants said "hurr durr everything is coordinated around me go out and nature and talk to the animales LOL even THOUGH THEY ARE CONTROLLED AND STUCK HERE TOO AND BEING USED AS ENERGY SOURCES! T_T and you can only know the spirit by its loooveee if you can see it, it aint god and don't worry bout whats going on the creative spirit knows what it's doing ಠ_ಠ" but since this place IS the cancer how can you know if god is really talking to you through life????? SO VERY CONFUSING LOL and why cant you worry THIS IS A PROBLEM

THEN people (i think the op said this XD) say that people make those movies like control factor ect. so that when people think it could be real, people could just say "DERP NOO LOL DOOD YOU GOT THAT FROM -insert movie- LOL ITS FAKE BRUH DUH MOVIEE DIRECTOR MADE IT UP WIT HIZ IMAGINATION!!!111"

oof so many questions LOL and i watched almost all of David dIckes videos and bashar's and now that this thread is saying they're lunar agents saying reality is an illusion it makes me even more confused AHHHHHHHHH WHAT IS LIFE
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You've listen and read many different sources now its up to your personal critical thinking and research to separate the truth from the lies and find the missing details.
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