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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was under reptilian attack last night and i found some new intel of how these cowards fight.
First of all they paralyze you so you can't move which i believe they shut down our body movement through our reptilian brain. Then what i didn't notice before and i did last night is that they also mind control you!
I had thoughts trying to make me call for jesus help but i fought them and called for nemesis help while i was cursing them out and laughing to their face too.

So thats something new to keep in mind people when under reptilian attack these fuckers use all the weapons they have in their inventory and mind control/thought implants is taking place parallel with everything else they do.

Also i just remembered couple years ago i had read a story of few explorers that had spotted close to some mountains reptilians doing human sacrifices and when they got taken noticed and started running away they froze in place/paralyzed and one reptilian came by them scared the crap out of them and told them to never come back there.

We need to learn how to fight mind control and paralysis of our body, i believe a helmet like magneto's would do the trick to protect us from those as pay attention in the x-men first class at the end when the bad guy lost his helmet he immediately got paralyzed/froze in place by professor x who could mind control him too without the helmet!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120

WHAT THE... why do they attack you at all they're just FURTHER proving what's apparently going on here in this reality and showing you what you're doing is right, THEN! LOL THAT'S JUST STUPID FOR THEM TO ATTACK YOU IF THEY REALLY DID.. -__-;
AND LOLWUT THEY MADE U CALL FOR JESUS LUL how could he help you he's one of those "energy vampires" too apparently...
 Quoting: cookie 12640204

About jesus the wolf in sheep's clothing check this thread.
Thread: Alert!!! Religious Sheeple Worship a Beast/Wolf in Sheep's clothing! Alert!!! MIND BLOWING PROOF!
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