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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

all the psychics, that deal with demons and spirits know that you should not get angry, sad, scared in front of them, that's how they feed on you, they suck you powers, you can research about it yourself, I even read it in a book (tibetan book of the dead, I think) it says that the beings you'll meet (soul hunters/grim reapers), you should not fear them or get angry in front of them, and it also says (I think, I don't remember exactly) that they will be there to judge you, but you have to accept no judgement from anyone, just don't let them judge you, they are nobody to judge you for what you've done, you have to just casually ignore them, don't feed them.

op, lol, if you've read this thread like you said, then you know he's been exposed as an agent and a freemason, he's using proxies (or multiple computers) to post as many, but he's all alone doing this.

if that's not enough, lmao, here, I'll expose him for the 1000th time now,

here's his recent post,

"You exit your body, you're surrounded by draconians ready to capture you carrying also a medusa and siren weapon that attacks you through your vision and hearing, what do you do?

Here are my thoughts, fear can help you run away trying to escape(if not used right it can also make you unable to fight when escape is not possible), anger will help you fight plus when you're very angry music can have no effect on you as you become determined to pulverize the motherf*ckers like bale did at the end in equilibrium.
I've noticed that too when angry and hear my favorite songs they don't have the same impact on me that they have when not angry and calm.
Also a lot of anger can change your vision into a beast's vision like in painkiller pc game where the medusa light will have to pass through that filter before it reaches you which might make that weapon also ineffective on you."

hahhahahah, he's trying to get people angry and sad and scared of them,
I've given sources, to prove from where I know that you should not get angry or scared, it's shown in many movies and book and t.v shows like 'a haunting', but where is his source? no source, he is a demon worshiper, and he trying to help them, if not, how does he know that we should get angry and scared?
that's bullshit,

and hey, I'am not going to start all this shill crap all over again.
 Quoting: burrrr 33013084

WAIT. LOL. why wouldn't you be mad or angry at them.. O__O so you're saying that we should be all calm like we dont care about all the shit that they're doing to people and just... be all chill about it. LOL. but since they control our feelings anyway apparently then even if you were calm you wouldn't stay calm for long anyway because they'll just make you scared since they feed on your emotions like the creeps they are O_o AND IF WE SHOULDN'T BE MAD AT THEM THEN WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO. ignoring them isn't going to make them go away... ahh T_T
 Quoting: cookie 12640204

I changed the user name to 'burr', so? that's not proxy, and I made it clear that it's me!
I din't try to pretend as someone else, hehe. ok. :)

and yea, I think you should do just what ever you want, get mad, shout, yell, do whatever you want,
I always believed that when you get angry, you can't think, you can just destroy things, shout and get yourself in trouble, but I guess, you should do what ever you want, yea, you should not be calm and be like you don't care about what they're doing to people, go attack them. I'am sure you attack all the wrong guys you see around yourself too, because you don't care about getting in trouble, but you want to react because they are doing wrong to the people, I'am sure you'll attack bill gates too when you'll see him, because he did wrong, don't be calm man, attack, you won't get in trouble, asshole. -_-

I'am!? ok, my english is not that good, but you have to be an asshole about it right? you know the language very well right? you never make any mistakes right? naah, you're smart, thanks for letting me know that, now go attack. get angry like an animal, instead of being smart like a human, to be smart, you need to be calm, and when you get angry when you know that'll make them more powerful, is just stupid, but I guess, you are good at it.

panicking, getting angry, getting scared, and getting tensed, never helps and everyone knows that.
ahh, I came back, who the fuck reads this thread anymore? lol! it's dead, I killed it.

and wtf? indian guy is back? what's here to make me stay here? nothing!
lol, I just come here to see what this op is trying to make people do, like he's trying to get people angry and scared, and that verifies my research and what other say that you should not get angry, scared, etc, in front of the demons, lol, that's it, that's all I came here for! I use these idiots.
ahh, you won't even get it,

anyways, carry on with your work smart ass.
 Quoting: burrrr 33013084

whoa whoa whoa. you got what i said all confused LOL i meant like if we dont feel anything towards them then why would we even care? i dont mean ATTACK SOMEONE LIKE BILL GATES XDDD and i guess you're right about the anger thing sorta... but, yet again, what are you supposed to do if you cant be angry. LOL look im just trying to understand here i didnt mean to offend you with the I'am thing the rest of your english is fine LOL but everytime you said it in the thread i laughed XDD
OH AND: if you didn't get scared how would you know when you're in danger? but yeah when you have anxiety you can't think and all that jazz so... MAYBE SOME FEELINGS ARE BAD SOME GOOD? LOL XDD and hey, maybe the demons WANT you to think that you shouldn't be mad so you don't hurt them because maybe you're stronger than them... since they had to do all they apparently did to everybody to control us then we must have been strong right? :o well not anymore. we don't know anything really LOL

plus why does it matter if the guy is this or that people are researching here so... you should be allowed to debate but you don't listen to the op only--i think. the op doesn't listen either cause he thinks your a shill LOL why cant you both just debate instead of attacking each other's intellectual capabilities O_O op is saying that a lunar agent wrote the book. i think he said from this thread that
it said in the book that "if you see a heaven go there, you can always come back" <-- that. :o and since that seems to be your main source.. hmm. since the thread is about soul traps well... that contradicts LOL and well you're open minded right? there are a lot of other theories so don't be so stuck on one and see if it makes sense to you. XD

and lastly about the proxies thing LOL YEAH I SAW HIM DO THAT LOL i think that was because he was getting attacked by you and he didn't know what else to do..? mystery to me. not like it matters I'm just trying to understand stuff.
 Quoting: cookie 12640204

wait maybe the "if you see a heaven go there" thing was in a different book... AH WHATVER YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN LOL
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