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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
whoa whoa whoa. you got what i said all confused LOL i meant like if we dont feel anything towards them then why would we even care? i dont mean ATTACK SOMEONE LIKE BILL GATES XDDD and i guess you're right about the anger thing sorta... but, yet again, what are you supposed to do if you cant be angry. LOL look im just trying to understand here i didnt mean to offend you with the I'am thing the rest of your english is fine LOL but everytime you said it in the thread i laughed XDD
OH AND: if you didn't get scared how would you know when you're in danger? but yeah when you have anxiety you can't think and all that jazz so... MAYBE SOME FEELINGS ARE BAD SOME GOOD? LOL XDD and hey, maybe the demons WANT you to think that you shouldn't be mad so you don't hurt them because maybe you're stronger than them... since they had to do all they apparently did to everybody to control us then we must have been strong right? :o well not anymore. we don't know anything really LOL

plus why does it matter if the guy is this or that people are researching here so... you should be allowed to debate but you don't listen to the op only--i think. the op doesn't listen either cause he thinks your a shill LOL why cant you both just debate instead of attacking each other's intellectual capabilities O_O op is saying that a lunar agent wrote the book. i think he said from this thread that
it said in the book that "if you see a heaven go there, you can always come back" <-- that. :o and since that seems to be your main source.. hmm. since the thread is about soul traps well... that contradicts LOL and well you're open minded right? there are a lot of other theories so don't be so stuck on one and see if it makes sense to you. XD

and lastly about the proxies thing LOL YEAH I SAW HIM DO THAT LOL i think that was because he was getting attacked by you and he didn't know what else to do..? mystery to me. not like it matters I'm just trying to understand stuff.
 Quoting: cookie 12640204

Amazing critical thinking you got there man!
The lunar agents don't like that, they just want us to follow them and their sources and be unable to think for our selves, to judge and examine what they feed us as then we could have a chance to spot the hook within the food they serve us and become smarter fishes who will learn how to get free food from fishermen without digesting the hook/lies!
Thats why i said from the very beggining of this thread to people to do their own research, as you have to learn to swim and walk eventually and not always rely on crutches and swim aids(which aid purpose could be not to make you learn to swim or walk eventually but to always rely on them and never learn to swim!)

I like what greek billionaire artemis sorras said in his last interview.

I wont give you free fish/food, i'll teach you how to fish!

Bill Cooper: Trust nothing i say until you verify it with your own research.

This guy didn't want sheep followers but human beings capable of critical thinking!(that can swim and run without aid).

And by the way about my different user ids i have some times, its because i type here some times from work during launch break and some times from home, and when i get banned i use my cellphone.

I have informed the readers of this thread about it too, in many posts and the reason why i don't bother to login anymore.

And when in shill wars who said i have to play fair when they don't!

But i don't have time to waste on them anymore lol.
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