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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I forgot to add in my post with Kratos, what an impressive way he was ripping medusa's head our of her body man, little to the left then to the right then 360 the other way and out.
The game actually had you moving the analog stick too to the direction kratos was turning her head.
Thats how perseus should have ripped her head in the movie clash of the titans and not like a scared kid as they had him look like.

It would be amazing if in the new GOW Kratos takes note of athena being medusa and do the exact same thing to her!
I would drink to that!

Also in the new GOW ascension i found hilarious the poster where it was saying "Ascension" and had behind it a bright light and the omega which symbolizes the shackle that goes around your neck, identical shackle vampire Victor had on his wolf prisoners in the underworld movie, and also identical neck shackle was shown in the movie legion angels like michael had too around their necks where to disobey their lunar boss they had first to get free from that shackle/halo!

Oh yeah if you pay attention in the movie legion they actually showed us that this so called halo the lunar god puts on your head is not a reward but his/her way/dogleash to control you like a puppet!
I found amazing that they dared to show us this beautiful halo coming down to angel michael's head and squeeze the life out of him and when he freed himslef from it, it felt down on the ground with the form of a prisoner's neck shackle!

At 0:17 little red snake running on kratos head forming the snake tattoo i exposed in a previous post!
At 0:25 is that athena/medusa sending her snakes to kratos way?
At 0:35 same thing?

I'm getting excited man are they gonna show us in this game the true face of athena???(or did they just did it in the above trailer???)

Its hilarious too when this game talks about ascension and shows kratos being imprisoned, what a subliminal message man of what awaits the sheeple and new ignorants Icarus that will ascend and approach the light!
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