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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Post Content
I had to take action after the mind f*ck i went through the previous night where i woke 2 times and remembered 10 different dreams being stressed the hell out in each one of them and at the last one i was crying like a baby cause first they had me fall in love with some beautiful pets then they had members of my family kill them and eat them.
I was crying crazy and woke up in tears. My brain was feeling horrible had terrible headaches and emotions/feelings etc and almost passed out.

I realized the mind fucking is getting worse lately due to the exposing the crap out of draconian lunar boss whore medusa and had to do something about which i described it in my last post.

Cause it would be insane to wake up every day do nothing or same shit and expect things to change.

The definition of insanity from Vaas of Far Cry 3.

Lets not forget to remind the negative rife frequencies this game plays at the pause menu and the deren's brown strategies all over the place to promote suicide and program your subconscious especially when you go to kill Vaas he tells you "shoot me take me out of my misery", trying to brainwash the masses that death is an escape from their problems.
Only if they knew what Plutarch had said.

"The souls of humans and animals are screaming from the moon!"

Then Vaas/savaoth/Jesus would say: Welcome to hell/slaughterhouse ...cough i mean heaven.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23953120

I feel you man....my mind is being f'ed with big time

trying to regain control

sleep is not working , so i think i'll do the 2-3 hour deal
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