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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So i'm back after being banned by GLP for no reason...and losing 2 accounts

but i'm back, and I see people have done outstanding research.

 Quoting: CANADA FOR G H REES 85678

The second video with the woman when she was trying to lure her husband into lunar worship it reminded what ghrees informed us that the first religions on this planet were for females and they eventually dragged men to their lunacy too.
Women are easy prey to the moon, all one has to look up or google to realize the kind of control the moon has on women is "moon menstrual cycle".
This strategy where the draconians defeated men(dragged them into lunar religions) through their women is also symbolized in the bible where the snake screw adam by using his woman!
Similar strategy most commercials use to this day when they wanna sell some crap to man that he doesn't need they use his women!

When she told him "i saw god and it was a spider, his face was disgusting and stony" it reminded me what yahweh/medusa had said to moses "no man can see my (ugly disgusting)face and live!"

The hilarious part is that all religious sheeple thats how they will freak out(like that woman) when they enter heaven and the lunar angels tell them "wait here god will come through that door", then an ugly beast shows up and starts devours them all.
It's hilarious but also tragic as it's reality.

Amazing symbolic and subliminal message later on that video from the spiderman movie where a guy is in church praying to jesus then the evil spider shows up and devours him!
Similar to the beginning of the video with the woman praying to god then a spider shows up rofl!

The 3rd video at 4:00 that bitch with the halo and cross on her head is medusa! Pay attnetion to her hair moving like snakes!
Also having a halo and a cross on her head what a symbolic message that jesus/yahweh is medusa!
Then there's a guy that says "no not a cron virus!" virus is uios in greek which they call jesus/medusa uios=virus too!
In greek uios has 2 definitions one is son and the other is virus. The religious leaders tell their sheeple its the first they mean but when we find out who this monster is the second definition applies precisely!

At the 4th video pay attention at 1:13 when the bitch says "just like jedi" and disappears there's a snake/chinese dragon that surrounds her as she disappears.
Similar to she-ra cartoon when she transforms.
At 2:06 when the moon sends a lunar beam pay attention the guy is inside a church like building!
Similar lunar beam was shown also in far cry 3 which i exposed it in a previous post.
You had to look up in the sky to catch it when the guy in front of you teleports.
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