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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some interesting things i found in the movies death race 2 and 3.

-The box(cube), with its implications
of rigidity and squareness,
symbolises unimaginative thinking
and painful frustration.
we just have to step back,
see if the solutions to our problem
lies outside the box.

-Three things you got to worry about.
He'd rather kill us than win.
Checkered flag has nothing
to do with winning.
-Okay. So what's the third?
it's that beautiful girl
sitting next to you.

In death race 3 there was this problem the protagonist had to face.
"You lose, you live. You win, you die."

Which put me in suspicion what death race symbolized!

Death is not when exiting a human body but when you enter one as in the first scenario you keep your memories/form but at the second you lose them and your soul form/memory/structure which is death!

3 things to worry about!

First! Razor=Erazor(Eraser)="Mmeory Erasure!"(I just took notice of that man i'm blown away!!!!!!!!)

Second! Nero=Water(You reborn into water!Woman's womb!)

Luna agent john lear strikes again here where he recommends after death to enter water!
I have exposed the crap out of that guy and his soul over where he claimed the soul gets created there and lives forever after.

Also christianity's satanic ritual baptism symbolizes rebirth and guess what they submerge you into water/nero!

The checkered flag has nothing to do with winning but... jumping dimensions! Moving from the soul dimension to this one.

Third! That beautiful girl sitting next to you.
Quote form history channel.
The native americans believed and claimed when a woman gives birth she catches a prisoner!

In greek when a woman gets pregnant when the sperm enters the egg/cell/prison they call it silipsi! which means "ARREST/CAPTURE!"

In death race/race to reincarnate just like with the semen that race to enter the woman's egg/prison the one who wins dies/reincarnates reborn! and the losers live!

And i used to feel bad for the losers semen.

Death Race 3 is called also inferno!(Cause to reincarnate you got to go through hell/through john lear's oven lose your form turn into scrap metal and be poured into a new container to gain a new form/personality etc)

Death Race 3 Inferno

"You lose, you live. You win, you die."

I never thought these kind of movies would contain amazing symbolic and subliminal messages man!
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