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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
Yeah Truthseeker, you have described yourself quite well. You keep coming back for more and more. We know you are addicted to this thread.

 Quoting: Lefty

for so called Loving et's you are trolling a lot! Being unable to control your emotions shows a lot about who you really are!

As above so bellow!
 Quoting: Blitz the storm-striker

TALk about Emotion Controlling ...lets see how well you do that Storm ..!?
Read your thread below I see all of the anger and judging behind ur words...
They reflect exactly about you, the way you describe about others.

Leave alone how junk and messy your thoughts and understandings, that no one can understand any idea of what you are talking about.

You should make friend with Truthseeker!

typical of hollywood.... human is bad and it needs to be controlled. Mind parasiting at work there... i mean subconcious hijacking!

Higher beings of conciousness do not judge others at all!

if they do then they are only looking out to control other beings by making those being feel guilty for all that happens to them... Basic "Shift the blame" game. What ever happens is always our fault.... Yeah, BORING!

We all know water is the intelligent diseing and the high density earth! you aliens hide there, because you can more easyly control low density beings by infecting water with your energy you mind parasites! Water is intelligent, and too much loving to give a flying rats ass about your dominitive and "god like" complex need to control every single living being in the frigin universe!

If we are that much frigin pathetic as a race, then why bother? because you lie like you breathe scums!

Only your interest counts int it!
As above so bellow! As in as out.

what happens on Earth is micro /macro cosmos at work.

Spiritual, physical, nothing is ever an illusion.

Think youve been deceiving humanity good? Well your in for quite a mutherfucking suprise deceivers! The deceivers Shall be deceived! So it has been said! So it will be!
 Quoting: Amy 32261731

 Quoting: Truthseeker 33211329


You do realize this is/ was and NEVER going to be an attack on you... I have argument about the perceived deception being put out by the so called aliens... The ones who say that this life is terrible, and our bodies are outdated etc...

Monsterruns beef is with the same deceivers.. Thats it.. Trying to get the deceptions out the way...

To consider:
I never ever said... HEY, Belive what I'm saying cos its the truth.. However, one needs to question and form intelligent debate. That's what I'm doing...

If i said, I was a prophet... You will say... Whats the lottery number for tomorrow... I give you said numbers,.... Tomorrow comes, numbers WRONG... Guess what... I AIN'T no prophet... I am DELUSIONAL.

st and lord anu and whoever else should really thank Chronos for extended time... Cos their time is fast approaching... And to deceive as many as they can is their aim....

Believe me or not... Up to you.. But at least look into the plausibility of what I am suggesting.


Quoting truth seeker here! btw i am what he refers as Monsterrun!
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