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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The fact that in most hollywood movies like in matrix in the prometheus etc where the truth is the exact opposite of what is being told to the masses. This PHD professor and doctor exposed the crap out of the movie jfk on cancer proving with documented evidence the case to be the exact opposite of what the movie wanted to pass out to the masses.

Thread: OMG....PLEASE take the time to watch......THE EXPLODING AUTOIMMUNE EPIDEMIC!!!!!

In the movie they said they were preparing a cure for cancer while in reality "they were weaponizing cancer!"

I recommend to watch the whole lecture as you'll realize even more how tragic the situation of humanity on this planet is where they have been turned into farm animals and guinea pigs!

This guy presents documented evidence in everything he says!
The most mind blowing to me was in 1955 the president of the cancer institute in america vaccinated his grandson and granddaughter to prove to the masses vaccines are safe(he had shares in the company that was making the vaccines!), his grandson died within the next 48 hours and his granddaughter paralyzed for life!
Then the owners of this country put Nixon to restore the reputation of the national cancer institute and vaccines.

You never hear that shit in media or in schools!

Other movies where the truth is the exact opposite of what is being told and i have exposed the crap out is the movie sunshine
Thread: Sunshine 2007 movie EXPOSED! a must read thread!
Where they showed us the lunar mission to blow up our sun as a mission to save the sun.
And by the way they were gonna save the sun by blowing it up!

In schools and media the big bang(which is the final goal and the way the galactic dragonian disease/cancer plans to kill the universal human organism with) is being presented as what gave birth to the universe, rofl!

In most movies that have to do with aliens/elines like Prometheus, saber rider etc etc we have the aliens/galactic police/nemesis who come to our planet to arrest and punish the criminals and reunite our planet with the rest galaxy as the bad guys of the universe who come to kill us all, where the sheeple being completely unaware the wolf is already here he wears sheep's clothing and he's having a feast on their blood and flesh the past 13,500 years!
Not to mention the sheeple expecting from the wolf to save them!

All aliens in the universe wanna kill us they're out to get us and the owners/parasites of this planet are dying to protect us and our planet from harm!(while milking our lifeforce and our planet's dry!)
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